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I was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States during my childhood. In 2018, I became aware that my cousin in Jamaica had given birth to two beautiful children she was incapable of raising. I began the process of adopting S, born in December 2014 and P, born September 2018. I received legal guardianship of the children in 2018, traveling between the U.S. and Jamaica as I waited for finalization of the adoptions.

Covid-19 added a great deal of stress to the situation. I arranged for caregivers to help until I could travel back to Jamaica, but later learned that the situation was not as stable as I had hoped. Friends stepped in to help while waiting for the country to open up; as soon as traveling to Jamaica was allowed, I flew there to wait until finalization. This was costly for me to maintain two households and lose income while waiting.


S and P have a bright future ahead as the adoptions are now final but we are in need of help with traveling funds. I  am committed to providing stability, love these children and meet their needs. We looks forward to our new life together when we return home.

Robyn Vandewalle

We are praying for you! You have faced so many "giants" throughout this process, but God's goodness has prevailed. He cares for all of you.

Tonya Johnson

Nancy Barth

One of my adopted daughters has ties to Jamaica through her birthfather. I am so glad you are able to do this kinship adoption. Best of luck!

Eileen Da Cunha

Blessings to you on your journey.

Danielle Garcia

Blessings to you!

Beth LaBonty

Chandler Kuhlmann

Elizabeth Lambert

My group is praying sore strength and favor that these precious children would be blessed and safely in their auntie’s care. We are also praying for her safety. May God hear and make it so.

Winter Baumgartner

Praying for you as you bring these sweet kiddos home.