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Aubaid and Arooj are the loving parents of two young children. Aubaid’s brother passed away in Pakistan, leaving behind three young boys who are now alone in the world; one has special needs that could be better served in the U.S.  Aubaid and Arooj have sacrificed greatly already to bring these boys home to the US. Even though they are next of kin for the boys, the process has been difficult and expensive, but they are committed to bringing these children home and giving them the love they need.


Jerome Vandewalle

God bless you and your family. Let's bring those boys home!

Paula Hussey

Praying for these boys to be blessed by their family here in the United States. Thank you for taking them and giving them the opportunity to be with family. Your love for your family is an example of the goodness in this world. Sincerely, Paula

Tonya Johnson

Welcome to America :)

Nancy Socolofsky

Best wishes to you and your family. God loves you!

Lisa Rundle

Praying for you to be reunited soon

Dan Folwaczny

Marie Trotter

Caroline Helmick

Thank you for showing us how to love sacrificially and unconditionally. Praying for your family.

Thomas Zwilling



Amy Rustand


Emily Hubbell


Samantha Sidhu

Francesca Slay

We are praying that God makes a way for you.

Nicholas Rokitka

Elizabeth Brown

victoria glynn

Steven McAninch

Christ be with you

Brian Nichols


Chris and Jennifer Birch

We have been inspired by your story and it has been encouraging to have another example that there are still good things happening in the world. May God bless your choice and sacrifices to care for your nephews.