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It wasn't on either of our radars to adopt again so soon. Or, honestly, again at all! We were so thrilled with how well Ruth, our daughter from Nigeria, had adjusted to our family and how we were finally settling in to our new normal. But then, Cynthia's profile was added to the waiting children list, and we couldn't say no! She is the same age as our kids, and although we feel a little insane voluntarily having triplets, we are anxious and excited to bring Cynthia into our forever family. We anticipate her having some fairly major medical needs and would appreciate your help in getting her home so we can address those issues without delay. Thank you so much for being a part of our family's story- even if we don't know you at all! It's amazing how God will use anyone willing to do wonderful things for his kingdom. Bless you and keep us in your prayers!

  1. Our latest update on Ruthie is that she is doing very well- a happy girl. Answer to prayer!


So happy for you! Praying for you and sweet Ruthie as you wait, and as you prepare more and more for her to come home!

Rachelle Johnson

James 1:17 <3

Joe & Savannah Petty

We love you guys.



We are so excited for you all! We are praying for each of you as you wait to welcome Ruthie into your home!!

Mark Buley

What you guys are doing is truly amazing!

Emily Lincoln