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Nearly 4 years ago we began the process of adopting a little girl from Bulgaria. We waited nearly 3 years for a referral, but there simply were no children in the system who matched with our profile. Most of the children being adopted in Bulgaria are sibling groups. Then COVID-19 hit and Bulgaria paused the program significantly.

Numerous times, we wanted to "throw in the towel." The WAIT had become a crushing WEIGTH! But each time, God spoke to our heart reminding us, "She's worth the wait!" So we held on.

A little about our family before we share more. Dan is 41 years old and is an ordained Assemblies of God minister working in the National Assemblies of God office in the area of Men's Ministries and missions. Tara is 40 years old and works from home as a writer and editor. Our biilogical son, Omar is 10 years of and is entering 5th grade in republic, MO.

In December 2020, our adoption agency, Nightight Christian Adoptions, contacted us about a waiting child in Colombia. We inquired after her and were quickly "soft-matched" with her by the Colombian adoption officials. Next, we went through the process of updating a new dossier and transferring to the Colombia program. On June 3, 2021 we received word that our referral was imminent!

Now we are planning to travel to Colombia in November or December for 3-5 weeks to complete the process and finally bring our daughter home. At this time we cannot share her name, but we can share that our daughter will be 9 years old at the time of adoption. She is currently in a caring foster home. She is energetic, healthy, and very social. However, she will have some challenges moving forward that stem from past traumas that took place in her early years.

We are fully committed to our daughter's care and development, the therapies she will need, and giving her love and security as she grows into a thriving young woman. Thus far in our journey, we have been blessed with many friends and family who have supported and helped us raise the necessary funds to cover all the professional, legal and immigration costs associated with the adoption process.

Now that we have come to this critical, final stage we need help to get across the finish line and fund the final travel costs. Our travel budget is $13,000 - $15,000 for our family of 3 to travel to Colombia and then 4 of us to return to the USA.

We believe that our Heavenly Father has adopted us into His family, and that the act and ministry of adoption is very close to His heart. We are now praying that God will once again prove Himself faithful and providential, as he moves upon the hearts of others who will partner with us to help us raise the final monies to fund the travel.

This is by far the biggest and most trying thing our family has ever experienced! Anything you, your family, your business, or your church could do to help us cross the finish line and bring our daughter HOME is much appreciated!

Your gifts and prayers are going to change that little girl's life, and impact our family forever. We thank you in advance for your support! God bless you and your family.

Dan, Tara, and Omar Kersten

Gregory Perkins

We are so excited for your family! We are grateful to be able to share in this journey with you.