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We first want to thank you for taking the time to read about our journey.

Our Story:

We met in 2019 through friends and soon after started dating.  As we talked about getting married, we also talked about having children.  In September 2020, we got married and we wanted to start building our family right away.  Five months after our wedding, we were pregnant!  We were delighted with this news!  However, on our first pre-natal doctor’s visit, we found out that we had miscarried at 7 weeks.  It was heartbreaking for us, and we did not know what to do.  But through the prayers and support of our family and friends we were able to walk through this sad time.  Gospel’s OB-GYN was helpful and recommended us to a fertility specialist.

January 2023: At this point, we had two cycles of fertility assistance called IUI, but with no success.  We took a break over the holidays before beginning our final attempt when we found out that we were pregnant for the second time!  Still having the trauma of our first miscarriage, we had mixed feelings of joy and fear.  Gospel immediately contacted her OB-GYN for an appointment and was scheduled to come in for pre-natal at 8 weeks.  And there, we received the sad news of our second miscarriage at 4 weeks.  Again, our family and friends rallied around us and walked with us through this dark time.  Our doctor encouraged us to go for the final cycle of IUI.

Snowflake Adoption: As our second cycle ended unsuccessfully, we started considering Snowflake Adoption also known as Embryo Adoption as an option. With our final attempt at IUI ending without a pregnancy, we were now faced with the option of either IVF or Snowflake Adoption. However, due to Gospel being older, our success rate was below 5 percent for IVF. After research and inquiring with Nightlight Adoption Agency, we found out that the success rate for Gospel via Snowflake Adoption is 50 percent with each attempt.  The more we found out about embryo adoption through our agency’s informational meetings and webinars, our confidence increased that this was the direction we wanted to pursue.  We also met a couple through a common friend who just had a baby through Snowflake Adoption.  And in talking with them our decision was firmed up to start our own Snowflake Adoption journey.

What is Snowflake Adoption?

Snowflake Adoption is a term coined by Nightlight Adoption Agency (the agency we’re going through).  When women go through the IVF process, they may end up with excess frozen embryos.  One of the choices they have with their embryos is to donate them to an agency like this one.  Apparently, there is over a million frozen embryos waiting to be adopted; some of which for decades.  The adopting mother (i.e. Gospel) is able to house the embryo in her womb as if it is her own and experience everything that a naturally pregnant mother experiences.  The only difference is the child isn’t genetically ours.  Gospel has about a 50% chance of becoming pregnant and carrying the baby to term with each attempt.  We will be adopting several embryos as our hope is to have 1-2 children.  We want to be up front that it’s not guaranteed, but the chances are high.


That being said, it is expensive and we would greatly appreciate your prayers and any financial support!  We are expecting this adoption process to be at least $33,000.  God has graciously provided for our every financial need and we continue to trust that He is faithful to do so (Jehovah-Jireh).  We are asking you to partner with us in our journey through prayer and/or donations.  We are looking to raise $11,000.  Any sized donation greatly helps and is a blessing.  Your donations are tax deductible as they go directly to the adoption agency, which is a 501c.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and support us in any way you can.

Joe and Gospel

P.S.  There is a lot more to our story that we are willing to share.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know more.

Nathan Flick

Prayers going out for you guys. John 14:27.

Sarah Kyungjee Im

Praying for you guys through this journey! Sending lots of love <3

Matt and Colleen McCarty

Praying you know and feel God’s kindness in your journey. Praying for many blessings for your family!

Susan Coulter

May the Lord bless you!

Ruth Hoover

Tyler Cox

So thankful for you both!!

Joshua Schroeder

We're so excited for you guys! May the Lord bless you and your future child/children!

John & Marcy Hearn

Diana Burlew

Excited to see what God has in store for you. 🙏🙏♥️

Kate Veatch