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Hello all!

Sam here and I am so excited to share the North family journey with you. Lets take a trip back to where it all started. June 1, 2013 Jeff and I met at an auction in our small town in Idaho. After that day we were inseprable and would spend the next 5 years dating and living together. October 10, 2018 Jeff got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I instantly said yes and we got married the following fall on September 14th.

During the spring of 2015 Jeff underwent testicular torsion surgery and we were told the devastating news that having our own children was not going to be in the cards for us. Jeff’s sperm count was so low they said even IVF might not be successful. The fact that something we had been planning and talking about was no longer feasible, broke both our hearts.

After finding out about this news, we set out to do all the research we could on traditional domestic adoption. We were disheartened by the news that we would be on the waiting list for quite a few years before we would have the option to adopt a child. We felt lost and weren’t sure if expanding our family to include children would be anywhere in the close future. Then one of our friends told us about the amazing world of embryo adoption and how some of her friends had gone through the process and loved every minute of it. So, I set out to do the research and figure out what this was all about. After researching, asking questions of the Snowflakes staff, and talking the process over with our families, we knew in our hearts this was the way in which to start our journey to a large family.

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