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We are thrilled to annouce that we are adopting! For Jacob and I adoption has always been something that we knew we would pursure when we started planning for a family. Michaela was adopted at Five Weeks Old and she has had a very positive experience with her adoption journey and it is our heart and biggest dream to provide the same for our future baby. We can not wait to grow our family through adoption. 

For the past several months we have been working through the stepping stones of adoption doing education, paperwork and reasearching what route is the best for us. We are blessed with such a wonderful support system from our friends, family, and church. We are full of graditude for their unconditional support and encouragment. 

We can not wait to share our hearts and home with a baby. The cost of adoption can be overwhelming but we know that the gift we are going to recieve is priceless. We are forever grateful for you sharing our story and suporting us through this journey. We have been praying for our future baby and have been growing baby in our hearts for quite sometime. We can not wait to share our hearts and home with our baby. Thank you again.  

Rosa Rodriguez

With God all things are possible. You two are the most amazing, kindest people I know ❤️

Kaitlyn & Daniel Mohaghegh

We love you both and CANNOT wait to meet the new niece/nephew! ????❤????

Michael Hastings

You guys are going to be great parents. Much love.

John Kidwell

We are really excited to see our grandbaby and see what God has planned for you

Jasmine Solano

Aimee Schmidt

Sydney Oconner

Happy for you guys!

Jaclyn Jordan

You guys are going to be amazing blessings to this child! So excited for this next chapter in your life <3

Sara Hartman

Roque Concepcion

Roque THE MAN always loves you guys????????????

Connie Johnson

We are so excited for your family to grow. May God bless your new adventure of expanding your family with a precious addition!

Glenda Graebe

Grandpa and I wish you all the success for a speedy adoption. Looking forward to meeting our new great grandchild. We love you and are with you all the way. An added $100 is from my Army sister Marty Contreras. God Bless you all.

Amanda Wilhelm

We love you both wish I could do more. Cant wait you guys will be amazing parents

Michelle Melton

Alexa Maldonado-Morgan (Elder)

Sorry it’s not a lot but we are stoked for you guys!

Billie Brown, Alicia Sancez, Rachel, & Little Billie

Fingers crossed for a baby! We love you guys! <3

Shalea Mosley

Jessica Boschma

Love you guys!!! We are praying!!!

Muna Burris

You will make wonderful parents raising "a child in the way he should go". Congrats on your journey and may God bless it through out.

Jayme Barker

We love you! ❤️

Tamara Kidwell

I can't wait to hold my grandbaby 😍