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We are Jeremy and Abby and we are excited to grow our family through adoption. We have loved the idea of adopting for as long as we've been together, and we've been waiting for the right time. Recently, we've noticed God stirring up the idea in both of us more and more often-- we found ourselves talking about it and thinking about it all the time. We feel confident that now is the right time to take action and pursue adopting. We have extra space in our hearts and a joyful longing to meet the son or daughter that will join our family, and we have lots of love and admiration for moms in tough circumstances who choose life for their babies through adoption.

Our home study is complete and our trek through the paperwork is done. We are working with an agency called Nightlight Christian Adoptions and are now one of their active "waiting families." 

We invite you to give toward this adventure, and would love for you to be praying for us-- and especially for our baby and his/her birth parents. It feels outside of our comfort zone to invite people to give us money, but as we plan for all the expected "extra" fees in addition to the agency fees (out of state travel, lodging, legal fees,) we are incredibly grateful for the support. 


Love and thanks,

Jeremy and Abby Chappell

Click here to watch our video message to expectant parents who might choose us as their adoptive family.

Click here to see a slideshow of our family

  1. We are in the process of renewing all our home study paperwork to stay ready to adopt whenever the right family sees our profile. We are feeling more ready than ever, and we're praying that whenever our time of waiting is over, our son/daughter will find our family to be his/her perfect fit.

  2. Hi everyone! Over the last two weeks we officially moved to a new house. One of the main motivators for moving was to have a bigger space for expanding our family through this adoption. It has been fun to see what will be the "baby room" in the near future. Definitely makes everything feel more real.
    We are still in the phase of waiting to hear from our agency whenever there is an opportunity to share our profile with a birth mom who is making an adoption plan. A couple of months ago we had two opportunities to share our profile, but ultimately decided that we needed to wait until we had moved into our new house before we could feel confident about letting a birth mom consider us. So, now that we are all moved, there's nothing standing in the way. Woohoo!
    We have been humbled and blessed by those who have reached out to us to help fund the last bit of our adoption process, as well as to join us in praying for the baby and the birth family. Thank you all so very much!

Channing Honer

Brian Purnell

Just wanted to tell you we love you guys and are thankful you are bringing a child in to raise as your own. You two are special people with a lot of love to give. Love, Brian and Summer

david cole

Kelsey Saracco

This is awesome! God bless you two for doing this.

Bethany Barrows

We can’t wait to meet him/her!

Leah McDonough

Love that you guys are adopting!

Daniel & Libby Mallipudi

We don't have the accurate amount of characters in this space to type out and tell you how much you both mean to us. We LOVE you. SO much. "Our hearts fly with the eagle's nest."

Gloria and Chuck Chappell

What a dream come true! We are praying for our new grandchild, the birth parents, and your family. We love you both so much, and feel this new baby will be welcomed home into the most loving and precious family ever.

Bethany Neuhoff

Abby and Jeremy: I'm so proud of you guys for choosing to adopt a child, and so excited to see your family grow! Love you! Bethany

Kenny Pedersen

We have a deep love for both of you and your kids. We are so excited to love a new baby and welcome him/her into this world.

Jordan and Hannah Bemis

We love you! We believe in you! We are excited for the life of this sweet baby!

Danny Hall

Believe in you guys!

Mike Kildal

You guys are the bomb. Looking forward to how God will expand your family. Some little one is going to be blessed when they meet you as their parents. - Uncle Mike

Nyneju Nmah

Wishing you both the best of luck! I know any parent or family would be blessed to allow you to be a part of the journey of raising a child!

Danielle Jasper

We are so excited for you guys! Adoption has always been on our hearts as well. We know how expensive it is! You will be an amazing blessing to a wonderful child. We are so excited for you guys in this journey. Lots of Love, Danielle, Terry, and Autumn Jasper