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"Rosie" has been in our home since she was 28 days old.  Born with cleft lip and palate, she was dangerously malnourished when she arrived.  She had her 5th birthday in April and through these 5 years, we have seen her go through surgeries to repair her lip and palate as well as many many hours of speech therapy to help her overcome the special challenges she has due to her special needs at birth.  We have also seen her grow into a bright and sassy little gal who loves to read and sing and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  She has been in our home and in our hearts for 5 years and we already very much consider her our child, we just want to make it official so she can be on "team Marchlewski" forever and officially!  Thanks so much for giving toward her adoption! 

  1. We have an approved home-study! Now the rubber meets the road and we need your help to fund the rest of the adoption! We are so thankful to the Lord for the way He has moved on our and Rosie's behalf to get paperwork moved and completed and in the right hands at the right times... There are still many steps left, but we feel cautiously optimistic! Thank you to all of you who have prayed, shared our need, and given toward the adoption.

  2. We have our homestudy coming up in just a couple of weeks! Nightlight Christian Adoptions is flying in on June 28 in order to complete our homestudy so we can be ready to "catch" Rosie at just the right time! Your donations here will help us to pay travel costs, as well as get all our invoices from Nightlight for the legals and paperwork covered! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!

Kellie Weed

Doreen Marshall

Love and hugs to y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dee McCann

Praying all goes well as you officially add Rosie to your family.

Sean Till

Robin Kristin Nichols

Brian Johnson

May God bless you and your whole family to the 7th generation in every direction! Love Brian and Evelyn JMJ

Edgar Priday

We love and miss you guys! Rosie always holds a special spot in our hearts and we know that God provided you guys to her as the best parents and family she could have. We're praying for you guys in this process. Edgar + Ale

Alicia Neil

Prayers for your sweet family for the journey ahead!