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We have decided to embark on a new journey in our lives - the journey of adoption. We are both looking forward to meeting the child God has for our family. We are using AdoptionBridge to help with adoption related costs. Please support us on this journey!

We have both worked with kids our entire adult lives. Pouring into other people's children has been a huge blessing and has prepared us for this new journey. Over the course of our marriage, we have discussed taking this leap into parenthood through adoption. We feel that we are ready to pour into a child of our own. 

Ashley Thompson

Praying that God supplies for every need!

Christian Pitre

Carrie Chittom

We are so excited for you guys! You’ll be the best parents! Love and prayers, Jordan, Carrie and John Oliver

Christopher Vandiver

God Bless! Chris & Amanda

Rachel Black

Praying for your family! Our adopted son just turned one in august. The wait is hard, but the details and story that God weaves together in the good and the bad are so worth it <3

Kenny Sellars

Kathy Volking

Best wishes and God’s blessings on you!!!

Sarah Maness

Stephenee Shamburger

Sending all the love and prayers for you guys on this journey. - Olivia & Family

Marielle Beauchamp


Stephanie Fisher

We love y’all and will be praying for this process!! - The Fisher Family

Bonita Brown

Tom and I are so excited that you all have undertaken this process to adopt! You both will be amazing parents and we hope that this process happens in a timely fashion. We know you have lots of love to shower on a child. Prayers for patience. We can't wait to celebrate your happiness when you become parents. Sending love!

Linda Harrison

You will be wonderful parents!

Rena Goss

God’s blessings on you all! Love, Mrs. GOSS♥️

Laura Ryan

Joy Rich

Praying for y’all! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE