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Ryan and I live in Moore, Oklahoma with our two dogs Roxy and Dash. We are both teachers in Norman; Ryan teaches Astronomy and AP Physics and I teach Kindergarten.

Since I was young, adoption has always been on my heart. When Ryan and I got married we knew we would adopt one day. In 2015, Ryan and I went to Kenya on a mission trip with our church and we really fell in love with the people, culture, and country. We are ready to start our own family and we have chosen to adopt from Africa. Originally, our plan was to have a child of our own and then adopt our second child from Africa, but God had different plans for us. He has changed our hearts about the timing of adopting.

We just matched with a two year old little girl in Nigeria and are working to bring her home hopefully in 6 months to a year.

We are using AdoptionBridge to raise money to help us, in Gods timing, bring our child home. Adopting internationally is very expensive but God has provided so far and we trust he will continue to provide and guide us in our journey.

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George Lincoln

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