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In 2014, after learning of our infertility, we started our journey in adoption. 

After nearly 2 years of waiting we were matched with a birth mom and welcomed our beautiful daughter, Savannah, into the world.  

Domestic newborn adoptions can be expensive. Our daughter’s adoption cost around $45,000.   

In July we were told of a once in a life time opportunity; to adopt Savannah’s biological sibling. Our birth-mom is pregnant again and wants us to be the parents of another beautiful baby girl.  Baby girl #2 is due in February 2018 around Savannah’s 2nd birthday. 

Since this is unexpected, and we have not recovered financially from the first adoption, we have no choice but to fundraise the entire cost.  

Though we are hopeful, we can't sit back and expect money to fall out of the sky. So we are working hard; pinching pennies, working extra hours, cutting daycare costs, cooking baked goods to sell, selling adoption memorabilia and are currently preparing to have a plate sale.

Currently we have raised $26,000. We still need around $14,000. 

We recently stumbled across Adoption Bridge which allows donors to receive a tax deduction.  If we had only found this sooner!  We thought this would be a great place for folks to give and also have the option to be able to write the donation off on their taxes.  

Thanks for loving us and following our story 🙂


Andy, Flora and Savannah Butler

Eva Throckmartin