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Sometimes God answers prayers in unexpected ways and sometimes he even allows pain in our lives so we can learn to rely on his sufficient grace (2 Cor. 12). Over the past five and a half years Sara and I have experienced this difficult yet sufficient grace first hand as we have been unable to get pregnant. We visited all the doctors and ran all the tests, yet no one could explain to us why we hadn’t been able to conceive a little one. However, parenting is one the deepest desires of our hearts, so were weren't going to simply give up and resign ourselves to living without children. We began considering the possibility that maybe God was leading us toward adoption. Looking back, it would make sense that God has prepared us for adoption since we’ve spent a good portion of our lives loving others’ kids as our own - as I’m a youth pastor and Sara is a middle school teacher.

So we started the process of adoption by interviewing different adoptive parents and various adoption agencies and eventually landed on a wonderful organization called Nightlight Christian Adoptions. After finishing hours of paperwork, classes, trainings, and interviews, we were finally matched with a birth mother in Texas who is due to deliver a baby boy in December.

Before we began working on the nursery or registering for baby items or even telling our parents the good news, we started discussing names for our future son. This journey eventually led us to a beautiful story in the Old Testament that demonstrated God’s faithfulness and commitment to his people - the book of Ezra. In Hebrew Ezra means “help.” And while Ezra the man played a huge role in helping the people of God return to their homeland and restore their identity, more than that, he helped them realize that God had not forgotten them in their suffering. That God’s grace, though difficult and sometimes confusing, is sufficient. Ezra helped deliver hope to his countrymen and that is what this baby has done for Sara and me. God has used this tiny little boy, who is still being knit together inside his birth mother, to help deliver a message to us: that God has not forgotten us now nor will he ever. That while God may answer our prayers for a child in unexpected ways and while he may allow pain in our lives, it’s not without purpose, and his grace will be sufficient for us.

So if it isn’t already obvious, we are excited to welcome our son, Ezra James Kerns, into our family in December. We hope our family's story will serve as a reminder of God's faithfulness in your life too.


“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.” -1 Samuel 1:27


Kate Mills

Love you guys! SOOO excited to meet little Ezra.

Michelle Johnson

May God be with you all on this Journey. We will all be joining you in prayer. Cannot wait to meet the new arrival!! Samuel 1:27 "I prayed for this child, and the Lord had granted me what I asked of him."

Tommy Hickson

Congratulations !!! We are so excited and can't wait to see the new addition. We will keep praying all goes well. We love you .

Christina Becker

While I don't know you well, I am beyond excited for you both! Wish I could give more.

Bryce H

Amen! God is faithful I love you guys and look forward to meeting Ezra. He's going to have amazing parents

Jody Alpers

We are all so happy for you Geoff and Sara!! Praying God's richest blessings for everyone, Greg and Jody

Katrese Wheeler

God Bless you both in your journey. What a wonderful example of unconditional love you will set for this beautiful boy you will bring into your lives.

Joel & Hillary

Sally Roehlk

Geoff and Sara, I'm beyond excited not just for you both, but for your sweet baby boy, Ezra James! What a gift he will be to you and you to him. Beyond the amazing parents I know you will be to Ezra, he is being adopted into a wonderful extended family. My prayers are with you as you ready your hearts and home for your new arrival. With so very much love, Sally Roehlk

Michelle Johnson

Love you guys. MJ and Paul

David & Ali Farmer

Shasta Nguyen


Little Ezra James is in our prayers - - as are you!!

David Rojas

john callison

Kristin Martin

Cary Joice