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As you may know we have been wanting children for some time. We have tried some medical procedures for helping the natural process; however, they have not been successful. We have been foster parents, which was highly educational but incredibly challenging. This did not lead to any adoptions. We have several options left: baby adoption, IVF (or related procedures), or embryo adoption. We knew that any of these options would be expensive, so we started saving and praying to see where God would lead--which has led to looking at embryo adoption. This process is like an extension of IVF from other couples where embryos need the opportunity to develop, be born, and loved. We would like the opportunity to provide a loving home for children therefore embryo adoption gives us this opportunity. We can give an embryo opportunity to live and a home filled with love.

While we know God will provide, we wanted to invite others to participate with us and for more people to learn about this beautiful expression of God's love for us -- to give us life and to adopt us as His children.

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story. We invite you to participate with us by donating as God leads you. Please feel free to share our story with others.

  1. Our update as of January 17th is we have completed our home visit and it went great! We will be staring the matching process in a couple weeks. Please continue to be praying for us as we move forward in growing our family. Blessings to you and yours!

kathryn f abeyta

we love you---may God bless you two !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry Lavalais

Can't wait for this to happen for you.

Lisa Wordeman

Suzanne Cope

Love to you both!