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Adoption--welcoming and loving a child who is not yours by genetics but is yours in heart and mind.  The love is joyful, the love is intense, the love is a love like no other.  God adopted us as His sons and daughters through the death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus.  He has welcomed us with open and loving arms.  God recieves us as sons and daughters with no limitations and He holds nothing back from us.  We are heirs of His.  This is a beautiful picture of adoption and one that has played a large role in our hearts for adoption!

We both knew that we would one day like to adopt children to grow our family before we even started dating. God had brought together two individuals with a heart for adoption.  Through a sermon on Sanctity of Life Sunday in 2015 we knew that God had called us to open the doors to adoption before trying to have biological children.  We started the paperwork soon after that sermon.  It was a 3+ year journey which included paperwork, homestudy, a lot of not being the chosen family, a miscarriage, and finally the gift of a precious baby boy!  We soaked in every moment of our new family of three and the love that was instantanously there! God had given us the desires of our hearts and answered our prayers.  We felt that the Lord however was not done growing our family through adoption but surrendered our hearts and time table to Him.  Now fast foward 5 years later and God has opened the door!  We are now matched with a precious baby girl and anticipate her arrival this winter. 

Unfortunately adoption is costly and so is traveling to our daugther. We would love if you would consider partnering with us and  helping us to raise the remaining funds that we need to bring our baby girl home!  Our family is waiting with open arms, loving hearts, and are ready to share our love and devotion to our newest family member.  Thank you for helping us bring her home!

Josephina Kreuk Visser

Wishing you both all the Best Wishes for 2024! This little baby girl will grow up in a very loving family. I am so happy for the three of you! Keeping you in our sincere thoughts!! ❤️ José and Volkert Kreuk.

Benjamin Sigmundik

We miss y’all!

Jennifer Harner

We love you all!! Praying continually! 💕

Kimberly Burton

Scott & Krista Kanode

Prayers as you await your precious girl’s arrival and entrusting your family to our good, good Father. 💛

Jonathan & Melissa Barrett

Praying for your sweet family and your precious baby girl!

Chris Miller

Congratulations! The Miller Family wishes you the best!

Jane Harding

Blessings to you and your family!

Josh and Meredith Chudy

We are so excited for you guys!!! ❤️❤️

NATALIA Alvarado

We are praying for you in this Journey!

Lauren Botello

Love you guys! So excited for your growing family and praying for you guys! ❤️

Meagan Hale

We are so very excited for your growing family! Can't wait to meet this sweet addition to your family. Praying for you all and for baby girl! <3

Bill and Dottie Overstreet

What a wonderful gift that the Lord is giving to you! and what a wonderful gift this little girl will have by being part of your family!

Jordan and Rebecca Klein

We are so excited to meet this little one! Praying peace for birth and adoptive families.

Abby Kerstetter

So excited for you guys!!

hannah rinehart

happy for you guys!!

Keysha McNeil

Jennifer Riales

We're so happy for you guys, and so glad we're able to contribute!

Adam Braaten

We are praying that all goes smoothly with the birth of your baby girl! Congratulations!

Stephanie Dollahite

Praying for you and your growing family!