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Our time overseas led us to our two beautiful special-needs daughters, one whose condition is life-threatening and medically complex.  We have a special place in our hearts for these extra-special children and feel we have been equipped and called to serve those with the greatest needs - those who are often "too complex" for others to consider.  There is a precious little girl who has just such a need.  Her situation is urgent and fragile.  We were not planning to adopt again anytime soon, but God had other plans.  My husband is working overtime as much as is available in order to offset the unexpected expense of agency and lawyer's fees.  It is because of the love and support of our friends, family, and community that we were able to bring our daughters home, and now we need your help again.  We have only a few short weeks to meet this financial need.  Would you join us in supporting this precious girl?

We also have an etsy store if you can help support us through a purchase!


*Due to the nature of the situation, we are unable to post her picture or greater detail about her at this time.  Thank you for your love and support!

  1. We are on the way home with our precious girl! Thank you son much for all your wonderful support financially and emotionally and through your prayers! We have made 63% of our goal in only a short 2 weeks thanks to you! We are confident God will provide the balance over the coming weeks before we finalize the adoption. Please continue to share. Thank you for being a part of our story!

  2. We are picking up our daughter THIS WEEKEND! Thank you SO MUCH for those who have stepped up to support us! With a recent "post share" from a friend, we have DOUBLED our donors and have gone up 10% in just a few short hours. NO donation is too small! Our community is large, so just $3 from many friends will make it effortless for us all! Many hands make light work! Please share and challenge your friends to give just $3!

  3. Thank you so much, dear friends, for joining us to help a precious child in her time if need. We have received news that paperwork on her end is complete and we are now waiting for the state of SC to approve her coming into the state. We are only days away from approval. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers and please share our link! Please donate if you can! No amount is too small. Many hands make light work.

Nancy Mitchell

Love your family's heart for adoption!

Bobbi Wood

I am so hopeful you will reach your goal and bring a new beautiful child into your family. On behalf of Noodle and Roo we would like to help and want to thank you for being the amazing people you are.

Sandy Kreps

God bless your family!

Sean & Stephanie King

We are so excited, encouraged, & blessed to hear that you'll be adopting again! I'm proud to know such special people. Praise God for the heart he's given you for these amazing kiddos! Praying for you all as you step out in faith yet again. Love you much, Stephanie & Sean

Lisa Ellsbury

Kathy Korge Albergate

Thank you for loving all children.

Michelle Mora

Lavonne Dideon

Knowing how hard these situations can be, wanting to help in a little way. God Bless You - the Dideon Clan


Meredith & Andrew

Amanda Shirey

It can be a scary journey. She needs a family to be at her side along the way, cheering her on, always having her best interest in mind. I pray they are able to be a forever family soon. Amanda (mom to a beautiful 2 year old daughter with type 1)

Donna Walker

I have SMA2 all so, I just wanted to say I think Y'all are amazing. I can't give much but I know every dollar helps. God Bless


Adopting a special needs child has been the greatest blessing in our lives. God bless you and good luck on making your goal.

Christy Kerley


Michelle Leopard

Good luck!

Jennifer Peters

Annette Ford

Blessings to your whole family. I am happy to be even a small part of the process of helping bring you together. This little girl is blessed to have you and you, her. Many prayers and positive energies...

Cynthia Henry

God bless and best of luck!

Kelli Smith

So happy for your family!

stephanie harris

thsnk you so much for opening your heart to a special little person with SMA who is in need. We have two sons with type III and appreciate the big hearts we have met on this journey.

Eve Chirdkiatisak

Adrienne Cain

I hope your new daughter flourishes under your care. I know you all have a lot of healing to go to help this young lady, I pray for all of you to keep your faith and strength...God Bless!

Jonathan Lasko

Madison Mitchell

Love you guys and those baby girls. Praying for this new crazy thing and your whole family.

Sherri Wells

We are so excited for you all! Congratulations!

Edith McLaughlin

So excited to meet granddaughter number 3.

Annie Stewart


Hope you receive all the funds you need, you're doing a wonderful thing!

Joel and Farah

Jennifer Osheim-Owen

Becky Long

God Bless your family and your newest addition! You are a beautiful and amazing couple,

Amanda Camp

Sending love.

Shannon Kuester

Karen Jones

Your addition to the McLaughlin family will be a blessing! She already has a place in our hearts and we can't wait to meet our new granddaughter! Love, Mom & Dad Grammy &Papa

Kelly Bertsch

God Bless you both!

Jace Dorer

Reed Reuter

Kim Sykora

Tonya Moroney


Julia Miller

As a parent of an little beauty with SMA, I send my love to you all. Bless you for helping this sweet child.

Cooper Mangini

Andrea Forman

We wish you all the strength and luck in the world as you take on this new challenge. Hugs!

Amanda Schlemme

Best wishes to you. What a wonderful thing you are doing !

Nat and Rachel Paulsen-Zhang


Michael and Sandy Aoa

Liz Mitchell

What great parents, Joslynn and Jason!

Kristen Steele

Best wishes!

Mark Johnson

Prayers for you to reach the goal. Although Sandra is donating the quilt we didn't feel like we could ask our friends to donate if we didn't first make one. The Johnson Family Summerville,SC

Trilliam Norris

God will bless you...

Donna AuBuchon

All my love to the family for sharing your heart and home to those in need.

Donald Carr

Sorry I can't do more but I truly hope everything works out.

Cyndi Boots

Glad you are following your heart on this. Much love to you and your family. :)


Alice Morris

I found out about what you are trying to do through someone I work with occasionally-Patrice. She shared with me your story, and it really touched me. Good luck with your journey, you will be in my prayers. Alice