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We are Kevin and Cherad Cloran.  We have four biological daughters and are in the process of adopting a daughter (yes, that's right...another girl!) from China.  Our decision to adopt began before we even got married, over 12 years ago! We met in college and dated for 3.5 years before getting married in 2003.  We quickly realized we shared a desire to adopt a child one day.  Cherad's love for orphans began on a mission trip to India in 1998 and Kevin has worked with kids in crisis for more than 15 years. Often, these kids spend years in foster care or group homes. Together, we spent time in Cambodia working at an orphange in the summers of 2005 and 2006. We are still in contact with many of those kids and they have had a tremendous impact on both our lives and in our kids lives. Many of them have spent time in our home with us and our children have been able to get to know them. We have prayed for many years now that God would guide and direct us concerning the timing and provision for adoption. Through a series of recent events, we felt it was time to begin the adoption process!  We are so excited to be on this journey and are so thankful for the support of family and friends like you!  Through AdoptionBridge.org, we hope to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with the adoption process.   

Keith Miraldi

Love you guys. You are the salt of the earth in action!

Carolyn Hitchcock

Zeb & Lori Bowden

Matt and Kellea Hogan

We will praying you through this process! You guys are amazing!

Katie and David Steele

You guys! This is so awesome. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and giving a sweet child new LIFE!

Michele Clarke

Sharidy & Steve MacCord

Praying your sweet girl home!! She will be blessed with thee best mom, dad and sisters. Thankful that adoption is a way that you are obedient, but also, the body of Christ can be obedient with supporting you through prayer and finances. ♡♡

Rich & Barbie Hart

We cannot imagine a better place for this special girl to grow up in. A place where the Gospel will not only be declared, but displayed in a thousand different ways. We celebrate alongside of you both what you are providing for her, and what God will be providing for you through her. Does she know about St. Patrick's Day? About the Blarney Stone? About Corned Beef? About the McGharraty Brothers? Will she be able to sing an Irish jingle and dance an Irish jig? She has so much to discover and look forward to! We love you all!

Joel and Cortney Leachman

So excited for you all, but even more so for the little one to come. Honored to help in any way we can.

John Behan

Dear Kevin, Good luck to you and your family! I wish I could give more. God Bless you and your family. Sincerely, John Behan

Erin Dove

Lance & Amanda Martin

We can't wait to meet your soon to be newest edition to the family!

Hoang Ngo

cuse mcmenamin

good luck guys wish you the best,because you are the best love carol and uncle ron

Jack & Sue Lipscomb

God bless you - He has a wonderful plan for your family. jack and sue

Bonnie Witte

Praying for your sweet girl!

Karen and John Seifried

Ryan McLennan

Cherad, I have enjoyed working with you at Bedford and am excited for your family to have another addition! May God bless you and your family as you move forward! Ryan and Liz McLennan

Jonge Tate

We are beyond excited for your family & all those who will be impacted by your faithfulness. Excited to meet your precious one.

Tiffany Adams

Love you guys!

Susan Flood

I think the child that gets to be apart of your family is a lucky child! I wish your family the best.

Brian and Lisa Taylor

As you all begin this wonderful journey, we are praying with/for you. Love you all!

Todd and Michele Trumble

Blessings! Glad to help you in your adoption.

Kathy & Justin Hansen

So excited for you guys!!


Praying for your family, the process of adoption and the waiting!

Hilary Basham

I am so grateful to know people like you who make this world a better place by sharing your love and family values.

Kerry and Gina Hogan

We are so excited to see how God will use your family to give a precious child the opportunity to grow up in a Christ-centered home! We love you guys!

Donnie Woodyard

Glad to be a part.


Kahlib and Megan Fischer

Can't wait to meet this little one!!

Doug and Lisa Thomas

Really excited for your family!

Justin Hansen

God is good, and He will provide.

Kristen and Eric Anewalt

Love you guys and can't wait to meet this little one!

Michael Wilson

Josh and Alecia Kee

Anne Rodgers

Praying for your family!

Lori & Keith Bennett

You guys are amazing!! God bless you for wanting to love and raise another daughter...How blessed she'll be!! Praying for you all!!❤️

Jenny and Tim Hiner

Tom Leavitt

For Kevin and Cherad and our Nieces and one to come, With much Love, Colleen, Tom, Grace and Jason

Marie Crawford

Katherine Wood

Hi Kevin and Cherad! Praise God for His blessings! Praying for you all as you and your new child prepare to become one big family. Love you all :) Katie

Sarah Mayhew

You guys are awesome!

Patricia Hunt

We are happy to donate Kevin and Cherad - Much love and God Bless! John, Trish, Sara and Drew

Kelly Steele

You all are so deserving of any blessing God sends your way. I hope and pray all goes smoothly with this endeavor!

Karen McCoy

She will be a gift to a wonderful family! I am lucky to work with such a nice person.


Christopher Cloran

Merry Christmas Uncle Kevin and Aunt Cherad !! Looking forward to meeting the new cousin !

Bill and Susan Lawrie

Trusting God to take the little and make it much. Multiplied blessings to you! Love above all, Bill & Susan Lawrie

Julia and Eden Chamberlain

We are so happy to know you and so excited for your family! :)

Johnnie and Clarissa Nash

May God continue to bless your family.

Carolyn and Nate Hitchcock

So thankful to have gotten to know you and your family, Cherad. You are a blessing!


Buck & Alissa Romero

Excited for your family!

Dan and kate Yates

Love you guys and I am happy to hear what God is doing in your lives. Thank you for example and investing in our lives.

Courtney Phillips

We love you guys and wish you the best. Sorry it's taking us so long to get around to giving. Can't wait to meet her!!

Deborah Ferguson

So happy to be able to help a child become part of your loving Christian family!

Chris and Jessie Dowd

We love you guys and are praying for you throughout this whole process!

Dominique Coppin

It's not much but I wanted to help. Sharing your page as well.

Evan & Alicia Barnhart

Tracy Colby

God Bless your family with this wonderful journey

Jacob and Meredith Jeffers

Jeanne Krantz

God bless the two of you for your choice to adopt. She is going to have an amazing family.

Stacey Hopkins

Praying for you!

Jason Brown

Blessings to you and your family!!

Matt and Kellea Hogan

Susan Burris

Thinking how blessed this little one will be to come and be welcomed into her forever family. God Bless You.