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Adoption has been on my (Jen) heart since I was in elementary school. When I was in college I learned about the then one child rule in China, ever since then I have wanted to adopt from China. I remember the only thing I looked forward to about turning 30 was being able to apply to adopt from China. I traveled to China, and after spending two months there, my desire to adopt a girl from China grew.  Francesco and I were so excited to find out we were pregnant in October of 2012. However, shortly after I began to suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum. I lost 25 lbs. in one month. I had to be hospitalized for two days. There were many trips to the ER, including needing IV fluids. I had to quit my English teaching job, and had to take a sick leave from the missionary work I was doing. I spent the most part of the next few months on bed rest, unable to do anything. However, after a long pregnancy, God gifted us with our beautiful daughter, Sofia Grace.  After much talking and praying we started looking into adoption. Francesco knew my heart to adopt from China. He knew that every time I saw a child adopted from China, that I cried. After attending a conference at our church, we started looking into different adoption agencies. The amazing thing is that during all of this, God opened up Francesco's heart to adoption.  On August 18, 2015 we sent in our application to Nightlight Christian Adoptions. We originally applied to Haiti, thinking that God had closed the door to China. However, on Thanksgiving morning I woke up at 2 am. I started to think about China again. I decided to write our social worker and see if there was a possibility. I cried out to God for Him to open a door. I didn't understand why He would have put such a desire in my heart, only to not make it happen.  After talking with our social worker and a few other people we were accepted into the China program through our agency. We are so excited.

We have been matched with a sweet little girl who turned 4 this January. We are hoping to leave at the end of February or beginning of March to go pick her up. Please pray for God's hands to be on everything, and for a smooth process. Please pray for our little girl as she waits for us. Please pray for us as we prepare for her and prepare to be a family of four with people born in three different countries.  Thank you for your prayers. And if you would like to donate towards our adoption, we would be more than grateful. May God bless each and every one of you! Love,  Jen, Francesco, and Sofia 

  1. We have been blown away by all the donations towards our adoption. Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you! It makes this process so much less stressful to know that we have so many people supporting us.
    We received our USCIS approval last week. It is in the process of being certified at like 5 different levels. Hopefully our dossier (all our paperwork) will be sent to China very soon. They are only sent on Fridays. Once everything is logged in in China, I believe, like two weeks after that, we will be able to start receiving referrals. So hopefully some time this spring we will be able to know who our precious little girl is. But it's all in the Lord's hands. He already knows who she is, and will put her in our path in His timing. Although, I'm so anxious to see her face, and to have a face to pray for each day.
    We will let you all know more as we move along. We also still have lots of stuff from our fundraiser, so it's not too late.
    Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Our adoption costs are estimated at over $30,000. We are very excited and hopeful to have our little girl home this year from China.
    Our hope is to raise some money to cover some of the costs of our adoption through this fundraiser.
    Please email your order requests to jennifervolante@gmail.com.
    If you are local then we can set up a meet time. If not, then please provide your address for shipping.
    You can make your donation at:
    I will be taking orders from January 26-February 15.
    Thank you so much for your donation towards our adoption. We really appreciate it!

    All of the following items are available and will be homemade by me, Jen.

    *Organic sweet orange lip scrub 1 oz. tin =$6.50
    *Organic coconut sugar scrub in your choice of organic lavender (relaxing), organic lemon (cleansing and purifying), or organic peppermint (energizing and invigorating) 8 oz. jar= $10.00 or 16 oz. jar =$20.00
    *Heart shaped bubbling bath fizzy in calming the child scent (roman chamomile, lavender, tangerine, and mandarin). 1 for $4.50 or 2 for $7.00
    *Natural all purpose ointment (like Neosporin without petroleum) =$7.50 for 2 oz. tin or $15.00 for 4 oz. tin
    *Moisturizing salve (with palmarosa and organic lavender), Chest rub salve (palmarosa and marjoram), or muscle salve (marjoram) =$11.00 for a 4 oz. tin

    Everything will be made with organic ingredients where available. The prices listed are what we are asking as a minimum donation.
    Products recommended for use on children 2 and older. The peppermint scrub is not recommended for use on children.
    Please add extra if you need shipping! I can give you an exact total once your order is placed.

    Ingredient List
    Bubbling Bath fizzies
    *baking soda
    *epsom salt
    *citric acid
    *organic jojoba oil
    *Calming the child blend (Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Mandarin, and Tangerine essential oils)

    Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub
    *Organic cane sugar
    *Organic coconut oil
    *Organic lemon juice
    *Either organic lemon, peppermint, or lavender essential oil

    Organic sweet orange lip scrub
    *Organic honey
    *Organic sugar
    *Organic jojoba oil
    *Organic sweet orange oil

    *Organic coconut oil
    *Either Palmarosa and Organic Lavender (Moisturizing), Marjoram and Palmarosa (Chest rub), or Marjoram (Muscle)

    Natural Multi Purpose Ointment
    *Organic castor oil
    *Palmarosa, Organic Lemon, Organic Tea Tree, and Organic Lavender Oils

    **All essential oils are from Plant Therapy
    **All recipes are from Plant Therapy's blog
    **I am not a certified aromatherapist

  3. Please pray for us as we are applying for grants and looking into grants to cover our adoption costs!

    Per favore pregate per noi. Abbiamo iniziato a compilare i moduli e cercare per i sussidi per coprire i costi del adozione.

  4. Hello everyone. We mailed off our paperwork to USCIS today that will decide if we qualify to adopt internationally. Please pray this process goes smoothly. Once we are granted approval we can send our paperwork to China. So this is a big step. Yay!!!

    Ciao a tutti. Oggi abbiamo spedito tutte le carte al immigrazione americano. Praticamente gli stiamo chiedendo se possiamo adottare al estero. Per favore pregate che tutto vada bene. Una volta che abbiamo la lettera dell'accezione, possiamo mandare tutte le carte in Cina per chiedere a loro di adottare. Questo รจ un grande passo. ๐Ÿ™‚

Steve Hill

Jennifer, Francesco and Sofia, You are such a loving family and are loved so very much. You have been blessed every step of the way in this process to welcome your new daughter and sister into your hearts and home. May you be blessed the rest of the way and soon come to the joy of being the 4 Volantes. Love, Dad,PapPaw

Joseph Lantz

Kacy White

We can't wait to meet the new little Angel!!!

Kacy White

Ciera Bitner

Jennifer Toadvine

Matthew Mattingly

Rani Kummari

Brian & Heidi Rotert

Elizabeth Nguyen

Evan Ball

Lauren and Joel Adwell

We are excited to meet your new addition. Praying specifically for your little bundle!! Love you guys!!

Brandy Knopp

Good luck and I hope to see her come to her new home.

Steven Breitenstein

We could not make it to Young Couples class this past weekend but we are happy to support your adoption mission. We did international adoption through Guatemala in 2005. We know it can be an exciting time and but it can also be stressful and challenging. Trust in the Lord, his timing is perfect.

Ryan Bridgeman

Joe Yoerg