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Welcome!   You're a part of our village, and we're asking for help.   The short version is: We're adopting!   Here's the story of how we got here: As some of you know, we waited 8 years into marriage before deciding to have kids. All that time God was changing and growing us together into just the right place to become parents. It's been His greatest gift. As we parent our kids, we feel like the real us, the ones we were always meant to be. It has been the greatest honor to watch our children look around the world in wonder, and be the ones who get to look back into those eyes, gather them into our arms, and shepherd their hearts. Our enthusiasm for parenting has extended to hosting other kids and families in our home, rounding up the neighbor kids for play and book clubs, and last summer hosting three boys from Rwanda for a week. These three boys blew our hearts wide open and focused our eyes and hearts on Jesus' calling to care for the orphan. As we began considering this call more deeply we became convinced God was asking us to adopt. We became increasingly aware of the space in our hearts and our home for another child.

So, in 2020 we applied for the domestic infant program where we prepared to welcome a baby into our home to join our then two and four year old boys. In the waiting, our family matured. Our faith matured. We began having coonversations  about not being needed in the (apparently) competitive world of infant adoption. We found ourselves having discussions of being able to adopt an older child now that we had older boys who could ask questions and communicate with us about their feelings, fears, desires, etc. We now understand this was God preparing us for the hard pivot towards internationally adopting a teenager!

In April 2022, we saw a photo of "Savannah", a waiting 13 year old girl in Colombia. Our world changed. After a few pressured phone calls, we received a completely miraculous OK from the US and Colombia (along with demands for training and extra funds!) to host "Savannah" this past summer for 5 weeks. Suddenly having a teenager in the homd (and one that didn't speak English!) was quite the stretch for all of us, and we were able to confirm we wanted to offer her our family and home. The boys want her back. We want her back.

This experience has been a roller coaster of excitement, frustration, and fear. We've experienced desperate dependence upon the Lord in new ways. It's been a challenge not to rely on ourselves at times, and it's been humbling to ask for help. Each time we've asked, someone from our village has joyfully extended what we need. Now we're asking you to help us by considering financially supporting us in the adoption process. We also want to ask you to pray for our family and "Savannah". Thank you for reading this letter to know us and be aware of the path we're walking. Thanks for considering supporting us and for praying for us. Thank you as well for those of you who have sent us a quick note to tell us you're thinking of us. Be blessed!   Sincerely,   The Engelman Family

  1. Hello all! Wow, what a journey this has been. When we began in 2020 we never imagined we'd be at the end of 2022 and still in process, but in April of 2022 God changed up our direction. At that time we transitioned from the Domestic Infant program to the Colombia program when we "met" "Savannah" through a waiting child email distributed by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Through God's grace and a journey which had his hand all over it, we were able to host "Savannah" in July, and we're in process of adopting this wonderful 13 year old girl from Colombia.

    We continue to raise funds because the transfer of programs means there are additional program fees and travel fees. Thank you to those of you who have already so generously supported us through prayer and giving. To those of you who are here for the first time, thank you for considering supporting us through prayer and giving!

Bethany Allison

May God grant you everything you need

Marie Getz

Edwin/Alice Huffman

Congratulations on your adoption to help the little ones in the world with a loving family. Best of Luck to you all. Ed and Alice

Phil and Valerie Kilpatrick

So excited for your family! Love you guys.

Megan & Taylor Burr

Thank You, Jesus!!

Randy Black

Proud to join you in a small way on this journey. I remember you telling me kids might not be part of your life early in our planning relationship. It has been amazing to see how God has shaped your hearts and passions and life. It is all His. I pray for his will to reign and the Holy Spirit guide you in all these steps. God bless!

Alyson Cook

May God bless your family and use you to shine His light on your newest addition!! Can not wait to see who is waiting to join your crew. <3

Ryan Engelman

We love you guys and are so excited!

Steve and Judy Engelman

We love your family so much! The new family member will be cherished.

Jamison Black

Russell & Jessica Chance

Praying for and anticipating your new addition with you!!

Alana McGough

We love you, Engelmans, and are so thankful to be part of your village!

Gary & Jenee Berning

We're praying for y'all. How exciting!!!


Good luck to you on this journey- I trust it will be worth the trials that are bound to come with this process and I hope you'll have all you need as you go through this. What a loving family to welcome a new child into!!

Mo Garrett

We are so happy and excited for you guys and love watching your faith unfold, thank you for including us!

Wes & Courtney Gutekunst

We are praying for your family!

Jeff VoVillia

Just loving and supporting you all through this process!

Cali Broders

Wishing you the best on this journey. -Brian and Cali

Marshall & Monica Berry

We are beyond excited for you guys to welcome a new member to the family! Praying for you guys and thanks for including us on your journey! Miss & Love you all!

Cristi and Steve Berning

"You're blessed when you care." Love you, Steve and Cristi

Murphy Foster

We love y'all and are rooting for your expanding family! Thrilled for every single one of you in the process.

Lisa Matter

So excited for you. God will bring you the PERFECT match. He did just that for me TWICE. XXOO-Lisa

Chris Garriott

Blake and Natalie- this is so exciting to see God working in you this way. Really speaks to the power of his love! I'm glad I can help in a small way, you've been so gracious to me w/ RUF over the years!

Kylee Beard

Regina Mendoza

Jeff Dillon

We love you and are praying for you Engelmans!

Romell Graves

So happy for you guys!!

Jasmyne Simmons

We wish you the best on this incredible journey. Your beautiful family will make an amazing new home for a child in need of the support love and care your family can provide! Love ya'll!!- The Simmons Family- James, Jasmyne, Clinton, Jamesyn, and Anastasia.

Anthony and Cynthia Contreras

Blessings to you and your growing family. Please stay in touch and let us know how things are going 💕

Casey Christian

Praying with and for you guys. I admire the way you guys have worked through these decisions and rejoice at the gift that your home will be to this little guy or girl and that he or she will be to your family. Love you guys.

Susanna Lewis

Y'all are loved! Praying daily!

Jason Hedger

We love you guys and are standing with you!! We believe in you and what God is calling you to!! We will continue praying for you current Englemans and for future baby Engelman!!!!

Josh and Melanie Langston

Love the Engelman Family! Praying for your exciting journey ahead.

Jason Hedger

When God says move, you’re supposed to go all the way, not stop after going part way, so that’s what we’re doing now. Finishing what he asked us to do. We love you guys and are praying for you!! God has big plans for your family!!!!

Randy Black

Love your Christmas photo and letter. Amen on the cradle certification. Praying for God's will.

Christopher Garriott

Excited to see you all adopt and build the Kingdom! Hope you are well

Jessica Anderson

Prayers for your adoption!

Jason Harris