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Hi there, 

We’re DJ and Anyssa, and we’re so grateful you are taking the time to read our book to get to know us better. We’re sure this is probably bringing forth many emotions.  It is for us too. Please know we’re thinking of you and praying for you daily. We hope you have clarity in your decision no matter what you decide. This seems like such a difficult thing:  making an adoption plan for your child. Thanks for your courage and thank you for choosing life. We’re amazed by that.

The idea of adoption isn’t new to our family. Anyssa’s brother and sister-in-law adopted two young boys from Ethiopia back in 2013. Even though they don’t look like us, they are accepted and loved unconditionally by our entire family. This experience left an amazing impact on us and moved our hearts to choose adoption for the future. After marrying in 2014, we tried to start our family. Ultimately, we ended up with an infertility diagnosis and three years of heartbreak. But then, in 2018, after multiple procedures, a surgery, and the mindset that it might not happen, we had our daughter, Aza. We couldn’t believe it and were so overjoyed with gratitude. We never expected our son, Soren, to be born so quickly, but he came a little under two years later in 2020. Aza is now three and Soren one, and we love them both in a way we never felt possible.

Anyssa is a Registered Nurse and loves singing, traveling to new places, and baking. DJ says she puts others before herself in a way that is beautiful. DJ is an elementary school counselor, who loves to read, go backpacking and also plays drums in a punk rock band. Anyssa says he has a servant’s heart; always trying to find ways to help people. We call central Pennsylvania home, and live close to our extended families on both sides.  There are many cousins to go around and we value friendships and community for ourselves as well as our kids. 

Please know that if your child enters our home, they will be treated with the exact same unconditional love we give the other children in our lives. If we can help, we would love the chance.  We are completely for openness in an adoption with visits or whatever you would be most comfortable with. May you have wisdom to decide what is best.  We would love for you to check out our profile book at https://www.mixbook.com/photo-books/interests/adoption-profile-book-27230719?vk=peNt2QEYhjqcOH6IPPPV


Anyssa and DJ Caldwell


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Tessa Hoover

I know it’s not much but I know that every little bit helps. Love you guys and wishing you the best of luck!!

Justin Sholes

God Bless! You will be wonderful parents! -The Sholes Family

Bo Pennington

Best of luck! Amazing what you both are doing.

Lois Richards

Many prayers for you both!

Curt & Beth Wisor

Best wishes on your adoption journey! Curt & Beth

Cassie Gray

Angel Shultz

The Shultz family wants to contribute towards your goal to adoption.

John Cox

Love you guys