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***We met the goal of this fundraiser! Praise God! There is still a large gap between what we have raised and the total costs of adoption. If you would like to help close that gap, you may still make a tax deductable donation to our adoption through this site. Thank you!***

Welcome to our adoption journey! We are so excited to have you join us!

Seven years ago we were diagnosed with infertility. It was a heartbreaking diagnosis. But what we at first viewed as tremendous sadness, God used to bless us more than we could have ever imagined. We prayed for a child and God blessed us with an amazing son through adoption! What a gift! We love him so much!

Several months ago, after much prayer, we made the decision to pursue another adoption. We can hardly wait to add another little one to our family! We are currently in the waiting phase of adoption, meaning we are working with an agency and waiting to be matched with an expectant mother who is looking for an adoptive family for her child.

There are a number of costs associated with adoption: agency fees, attorney fees, and travel costs to list a few. God has been so gracious to us thus far and has provided in ways that we could not have imagined. It is our prayer that He will continue to provide what we will need as we move through this journey. Would you consider praying that God would provide the funds we will need for this adoption? Would you consider donating to our adoption? All money received through this link (less a very small processing fee) will go directly to our agency to cover fees related to our adoption. At this time, our agency has limited our fundraising goal to $3333. While this is only a small fraction of the total costs, we would be truly blessed to receive such a generous amount towards out total fundraising goal.

If you would be so kind, please also be in prayer for the baby we will one day be able to adopt. Pray for the baby's health and for a safe delivery. And, please pray for the expectant mother we will be matched with. Pray for her safety during pregnancy. Pray for her as she makes what may be the hardest decision of her life, that she will find great peace and comfort in her decision to choose adoption. Pray for her safety during labor and delivery. Pray for her salvation. Your prayers are worth so much to us. Thank you!

Thank you so much for viewing our waiting family profile! Please enjoy our profile book and video. Feel free to share our link and information that we may be an encouragement to others!

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renata moise

Joshua Sargent

Thank you for being willing to adopt. You have saved a life! We love you!


Joshua Sargent

Joshua Sargent

Emily Little

Couldn’t think of happier news


Jared & Krystal White

Robert Dominick

We are excited for you to have an addition to your loving family!

Chris Brady

If it’s a son, I think Derek (Jeter) or Aaron (Judge), or of course Chris or Brady, are great names :) best of luck to you both!

Dennis McGrath

We are thinking of you and pray that everything works out! 🙏 McGrath family

Janna Jensen

We love you all. Excited to see what God will do.

Danielle McDonough

We are thinking about you and will continue to pray for a match. Ezra will be a great big brother!

Beth Forbes

Doug and Kristi Bousfield

Grace Brydges

I remember having Mr. Allen, such an amazing teacher who deserves this. Wishing you guys luck!

Jenny Becker

We are SO excited for you and your growing family!

Chase McKenney

Wishing you the best!

Ali Cottrell

So happy for you guys!

Angela Moore

We can’t wait to have another little one on Longmeadow! 💛🙏

abby stroup

Jess and Nick

With love, the Stroup’s

Ya’ll are such an encouragement. We look forward to seeing what God does for your family. Love, the Stroup’s.

Corrina Champion

Wishing nothing but the best for your family! Blessings and Peace, Corrina

Jason Richards

Wishing you all the best in expanding your beautiful family!

Victoria Damon


Isaac Cummings

Maria McLaughlin

I wish you all the best!

Adrian VandenBout

To God be the glory!

Judith Smith

Prayers that God will soon reveal the perfect baby He has planned for you.

Jason Shorey

Thank you for honoring the Lord in this way. We pray His blessings on your family and this journey. Thank you for your message in the service today, your testimony was honest and touching.


We hope this helps you to adopt your next child.

Clare Caddell

Carol Woodward

Dear Craig, Angela and Ezra, Praying for your new family member to arrive safely in and God's good timing. Blessings and love to you all. Aunt Carol

Darcey Peakall