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Our Story: Having an 8 year difference in our ages, before we got married, we sat down and discussed our future. I was going to be 39 when we married, with Chris being 31. I said “what if I can’t have children at my age?” He said… then we adopt. I love you and any baby that we bring into this family will be loved.”Since we were married in 2012, we have been trying to conceive from the time we said “I do”.

In 2016, we sought help with our infertility. As I had suspected, age had caught up to me and I no longer had viable eggs or enough follicles to conceive naturally. We still had options, but we had to discuss the path to take.Sometimes life tests us to allow us to find our right path. That path brought us to 2017 with another round of testing and doctors visits. All our doctors said “you are healthy enough to carry or I see no problem why you would not be able to have your own child.”

Our fertility specialist had recommended IVF immediately but also asked us to consider donor eggs. We researched our options for IVF with our insurance company. It would not be covered. So we talked about self-pay and our odds of producing eggs that would result in a healthy viable embryo. The odds were not in our favor. So we came to Nightlife and the Snowflake program for embryo adoption. 

We know this is OUR path and the one that will grow our family. Through the ups and downs of this process, we now have a hope that previously did not seem feasible. I feel sometimes the brain doesn’t always let us be vulnerable to the future in order to protect our hearts. I can say that our hearts and minds are completely open. We have allowed ourselves to go to a place we only dreamed of because of Snowflake.

The hope of children always seemed more of a dream than a reality. We talked about but it never actually seemed real. Now that we can see a future with children, we have allowed ourselves to discuss it more freely and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to that dream. We have talked of twins and how amazing two miracles would be. We are discussing names and what “if” we have two! Oh how wonderful to have two!

We are excited about matching and being able to provide the donor family closure to their journey. We want them to feel good in knowing that the end resulted in a healthy, happy, and extremely loved baby (or babies)! We are using AdoptionBrIdge in hopes that our family and friends, who would like to help, can provide donations to assist us in our journey. No one plans for a process such as embryo adoption and the costs that can come with it. This organization allows us to fundraise and ease some of those expenses while providing a way for others to support our decision.

Thank you for taking time to visit our story!

Catherine and Chris

Joseph Martinelli

Get that Baby Bump! We are inspired by your story and excited for you to start your family. Love, Marie, Joey, Roman, Lorenza, & Wrangler

James Leggett

Lynn and Harold Ingmire

Michelle Reuss

Heather Gray

Love you guys!! ❤️????

Rose E Gherardi

Wishing the best for you! G’ mom

Jennifer Tewalt

Melissa Zimmerman

Good luck!!

Shannon Waits

We love you and wish you all the best.

Dave & Sheila Barnes

Merry Christmas!

John Leggett

Aaron, Katrin, Max & Jodie

Merry Christmas!

Mark Burdorff

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Merry Christmas!

Kelly Easton

❤️you—praying for you on this journey