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Thank you so much for coming around our family as we pursue adoption! It is not an easy process, but our community of people are making it possible. We are so appreciative of each of you. A common and resonable question that we love to answer is, why adopt? We are able, we are pro life, we are adopted in Christ, and we want to continue to grow our family - these are a few of the many reasons that we have started the adoption process. In college I worked with a crisis pregnancy center and sat with many of young mothers making the impossible decision to choose adoption or not. For many, if adoption was not an option, abortion was their alternative. While we don't have all the money yet to outright fund an infant adoption, we do have the ability, desire, and conviction to enable a mother to choose life for her baby and have the option to choose adoption. We have spent nearly 7 years praying about, learning about, and pursuing adoption. We have had three biological children and pray the Lord would continue to bless us with children, now by means of adoption! We are willing and able and excited to see what the Lord might do. We are walking forward in faith and trusting Him with each and every step.

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Elizabeth Davis

Angie Hairrell


Scott Cardone

Angie Bartuska-Thompson

Scott and Elizabeth, I have been faithfully following the growth of your family, the highs and the lows, celebrated and cried with you. I was adopted at 5 days old. I have been so blessed by my birth mother’s unselfish decision to put me into the hands of a family she didn’t know, other than they were members of the Presbyterian church of the pastor who connected us. I remember going to pick up my baby brother when I was 2 as we adopted him (he was adopted through an agency). My name, Angela, and my brothers name, Christopher were specifically chosen. We were always told from the beginning we were extra special because we were adopted. I will be lifting you up in prayer but also for this mother who is struggling with what the right decision is for her baby. Love you guys and so proud of you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️Angie

Brooke Jaszczak

We absolutely love this! Thank you for taking adoption seriously and practically moving forward. God bless your fam!!

Bill and McKenna and liam Young

Angie is an adopted loved one. For us figuratively, for her family, literally. Saw this because she forwarded it. God bless you two in spreading that love forward.

Scott Cardone

Scott Cardone

Austin Weber

Have a wonderful time growing your family in this special way! I know y’all will give an abundance of love to this unknown child!

Adolfo Molina

I don’t know if there’s a better picture of salvation than adoption and knowing God invites us in to his family. Praying with you guys!

Kathy Nash

Praying for you, birth mom and your baby! Big hugs to you all!

Scott Cardone

Eric Gros

Scott and Elizabeth, I am so encouraged to hear the heart God has given you for adoption, and am so happy to be able to help support you toward that goal! Your friend, Eric

Brendan Mueller

Praying for you on this journey- Julia and Brendan

Scott Cardone

Sree Viswanath

Hi elezebeth We are glad to be part of a noble thing you are doing Please accept this small gift

Merrilynn Stockton

Congratulations! My grandson was adopted almost 2 years ago! He is such a blessing to our family! Best wishes and blessings to all! Merrilynn Stockton

Joseph Bales

Breanna Irvin

So excited and hopeful for your family as you step into this incredible roll God made you for!!

Scott Cardone

Scott Cardone

Scott Cardone

Elizabeth Cardone

Scott Cardone

David Marsh

You guys deserve all the babies in the world!

Christopher Holdorf

May God bless you and the child that will be joining your family.