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Nĭn hăo! (Hello)! Our names are Michael, Stacey, and Finnley Meredith. We are so blessed to finally be in the final stages of our adoption! We got our referral for our 8 year old daughter, "Willow Mei-Xin", last May from Taiwan. And now we are beyond excited to be traveling within the next 3-4 months to bring her home! Willow is so beautiful, funny, and loving. We have had 2 Skype sessions with her since Christmas and will have another one soon. She loves hippos, noodles, strawberries, and the colors pink and blue. She even wrote us a letter telling us how appreciative she is that we chose to adopt her, she is excited to come to America (although a little scared as well), and that she loves us very much! We can't wait to wrap our arms around her. Willow recently went to court on her own (the judge did not require us to be there) and we are so proud of her strength and courage. Right now, we are just waiting on the ruling and other formalities before we get our official travel date. 

When my husband and I went through the hardships of trying to conceive both naturally and through IVF, God had other plans and grew our family through the beautiful gift of adoption. We adopted our son Finnley from Bulgaria 9 years ago when he was 2 years old. And God clearly spoke to our hearts once again, because here we are now waiting to bring our sweet Willow home to us! This journey is long and quite expensive, but like with the blessing of Finnley, we trust fully in God’s plan. ”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." We also are so grateful for the generosity of our family/our Church family/friends/even complete strangers that have helped us in so many ways on this journey (we have fundraised, used our own savings, and are now in the final stretch). We are asking for our prayer warriors to pray earnestly and if your heart is led to help us financially to bring our sweet Willow home, then we are so beyond thankful to you! We have experienced the connection adoption brings, deeply weaving people together like a beautiful tapestry, helping each other, forever becoming part of each other's journey. Won't you please be part of ours by helping us bring Willow home? ... “For this child we have prayed.”

Xiè Xiè (Thank you) & Many Blessings,

The Meredith Family

  1. Thursday Feb 15- We had our 3rd Skype call with Willow. We are so in love with her! We were able to make Chinese Lanterns together for Lunar New Year. She taught us the colors in Mandarin and we taught them to her in English. She is so smart and did much better than we did! She is so excited to come home and told us some things she can't wait to do with us. Her personality and smile just lights up the room. To hear her her tell us she loves us just melts our hearts. We can't wait for her to be home!!

Roger Votaw

We couldn't have biological children and we adopted a boy at birth. He was from this community, but it still cost over $5,000 in legal fees. Also, when the opportunity arose, we had about 2 weeks to plan, which meant some serious remodeling, finishing and furnishing of a baby room. In addition, I was taking classes for my education degree and wasn't employed. Now, my son is 25 and has kids of his own, our grandchildren. All of our lives, including the biological families have been changed and enriched by this decision we made 25 years ago.

Heide Martin

Mike Keaffaber

Excited for Willow and the entire family! Make it Happen!

Doug Wells

Pamele Roberts

Love & prayers as you continue this amazing joutof bringing Willow home.