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We have been married for almost seven years and are excited about the opportunity to adopt our first child. From a young age, adoption was something to which Megan always felt drawn. Then, before we were married, we discussed our plans and decided that adoption was our chosen path to parenthood. We feel we are in the right place in our lives to proceed with our adoption journey.

We are thrilled with the opportunity of adding a child to our family. Being a christian is the centerpoint of our lives, and we look forward to doing our best at mirroring God's love when He adopted us by adopting a child of our own. We are excited about the opportunity to pass on to a young soul how much God loves us all, and we also believe this will increase our appreciation for God's love in our lives.

Having been blessed growing up in loving families, we look forward to providing the same love and support to a child. We are grateful for this platform, which allows us to raise a portion of the overall (anticipated $25k-$40k) cost to adopt. We appreciate your consideration, prayers, and any support you can provide to us on this journey. 

Thank you,

Clark and Megan

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Jessica Luckenbill

Sarah Fox

Faye Willoughby

I am so excited for you!! You will make wonderful parents! Love you both so much!!💞

Jordan Barker

We are so excited for y’all!

Jason Dixon

Tammy Lynn Preston

You guys will be such great parents. I'm so excited for you!


Margaeret Hancock

Praying for your family

Jaley-Anne Dixon

Adoption is a wonderful thing and it gave me a sister I love dearly. May you all be blessed in your journey.

Charles Matthews

Love you both and am excited to see you bring a new Team Matthews member into your family (mixed doubles included)! :-D

Brian Hartman

Good luck!!!

Matt and Helen Moseley


Brent Barnes


Helen Sherrow

Best wishes

Michael, Tina, Louis, Edie, Ivy Hogan

So excited for you guys. ‘The waiting is the hardest part’! We’ll be praying for you!

Sam Cooper

Our very best wishes for you and your growing family

Nick & Terri Bailey

happy for you both. thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. love, Nick & Terri

Jonathan and Shelley Alford

Prayers going up for y’all! ❤️

Lauren and Dustin HIGH

Many prayers for your joyful journey ahead!

Matt Sipes

Love you guys! Can't wait to see this next journey.

Jacob and Laura Morgan

So excited to hear y’all are adopting!!