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Hello Family and Friends!

As many of you know, Hannah and I were married in June of 2012. After years of struggling through infertility and desiring to start a family, we decided almost 6 years ago to start the process of frozen embryo adoption!  After a year of classes, paperwork, time, money, and more paperwork, we were finally able to adopt 11 precious frozen embryos. These embryos were all from the same IVF cycle of the placing parents. Many of you probably remember all of this well, as you supported us with your words, prayers and financial donations.  

From our first embryo adoption, over the course of almost 4 years, we had 5 total embryo transfers.  We lost one embryo in the thaw and with each transfer, we had two embryos transferred (the max amount our clinic would do at one time).  Although they gave us essentially a 50/50 chance for each embryo, we sadly lost 9 more of our embryos in failed transfers.  The struggle and pain of this has been very difficult to say the least.

But there is always a blessing amongst the struggles, and one of our embryos resulted in a successful pregnancy and birth of our son Asher Jay in February of 2021!  Asher has been such an enormous blessing to Hannah and I, as well as to our families and friends. Thank you, Lord!


And now, after much prayer and thought, we have decided to start the embryo adoption process for the 2nd time! Not only do we desire more children and siblings for Asher, but we also believe that embryo adoption is such an important choice.  Many do not know; but because of the influx of IVF procedures and the ability to cryogenically freeze these conceived lives, there are over a million estimated frozen embryos in America today just waiting for a chance at life.  Hannah and I want to give some more of these precious frozen lives a chance!

Graciously, we are asking for your help! We would love your prayers as we start this journey for the 2nd time.  In addition, if you feel moved to give, we would appreciate your financial support.

The estimated cost of our adoption process and one transfer procedure is about $15,000. If we adopt more than one, which is likely, it is an estimated $4000 - $4500 more for each additional transfer.  After our initial fundraising the first embryo adoption, we were able to fund the rest of the process, including the transfers, ourselves.  Like last time, we are saving money and are trying to fund this as much as we can but have been advised to fundraise again! This website crowdfunding allows us to raise 1/3 of that total cost, so our goal for this effort will be set at $5,000.

Thank you all so very much. 


Adam, Hannah and Asher

Justin Ladage

May God continue to bless you all as you prepare to grow your family! How exciting!

tyler Steen

Lori Frost

I pray God will bless you with another beautiful child!