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A little over 4 years ago it was just my wife (Liz) and I (Andrew) patiently waiting to adopt a baby with 2 unplaced adoptions which began our roller coaster ride. We have since adopted and finalized 2 girls (Gabby and Ariel) and now have been placed with a 3rd baby girl❤ (Emily) We have funded our first 2 adoptions with our personal savings but with our 3rd girl we need a little bit of help from our family and friends. We have chosen AdoptionBridge to crowd fund our 3rd adoption as we have heard nothing but great things about this organization. We pray that our family and friends will find it in their hearts to help support us as most of you have been along this amazing journey with us. This is how the Lord has blessed us in building our family❤ We appreciate any amount that is donated and hope that we can continue to be adoption advocates as adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family.  


Blessings to you and your family of 5!

Marla Garza

God Bless your family! ❤️

Cecilia Loya

Love You! ❤️

Roger Gonzales

Hope this helps. Good luck!