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As many of you know, the adoption journey is not one which is foreign to our family!  We adopted a beautiful little girl in 2014 and she has been an absolute joy in our lives!  We love to be parents and have always dreamed of a house full of kids to love!  In 2016 we began to once again explore the adoption process, but decided it might not be the right time for us.  Boy, did God laugh at that!  After a week at family camp in which we talked about life's journey and whether we could look back and know that we had followed our calling, we agreed that we could not push the call to be adoptive parents out of our minds and hearts!  We soon completed the paperwork and once again, took our first steps towards becoming adoptive parents.

Waiting for "the call" is the toughest part of this journey!  Patience is something that is not easily come by in this household!  Many prayers went out to birthfamilies to guide them as they navigate this incredibly tough road and make a selfless decision that is best for their children.  After about 6 months, we received a call about a potential birthmom who had given birth to TWIN BOYS!  Were we interested?  Absolutely!  We firmly believe that God has a plan for a little one (or ones?) to be matched with our family!  After about a week's wait, the call finally came that the birthmom had chosen us!  What an emotional phone call!  But wait - Boys?  And twins?  Foreign territory for the Rosin family and our three girls!  But we've got this!  God is good and will help us navigate this path of life!

When we began this process, we financially had planned for a single adoption, but we know in our hearts that the little guys are meant to be with us, and we will do everything possible to get them here!  We are raising funds to bring the twins home because they were born very prematurely and will come home on oxygen.  They are little rockstars as they continue to grow and fight in NICU, and we cannot wait to bring them home and make them a part of our family forever!

Thank you so much for supporting us in this journey!  We know God has a hand in it all and are so excited to meet the newest Rosins!

Christiana Junge

I’m so excited for your family. Little ones are so precious but you know twins hold a special place in my heart!! Praying for your family, these sweet little boys as they journey through the NICU and home to your beautiful family!

Janice Ward

Jamey Cassels

Double the congratulations!

Mara Ahles-Iverson

So excited for you all!

Jenna and Mike Couch

We are SO thrilled for you all. And to know we both got our good news on the same day is so awesome!! Prayers and blessings being sent to you and to birthmom!!!

Adam Halverson

Andrew Bell

Incredibly happy for you all! You all are great parents. Wish I could give more. God Bless on the journey with twin boys. It's been a blast for us!

Rachael Moeller

Much love to you and your growing family.

Dwana Kolda

So excited for you! Praying that the babies continue to do well and will soon be home with you.

Kimberly Wencl


Cassie Martinez

Congratulations on the new little ones! My God keep blessing your family! ❤️❤️❤️

Linda Barker

Good luck and God Bless.

Lynn Egesdal

Christie Hobscheidt

We are so excited for your family to increase by four feet.

Wendy and Carl VanRavenswaay

Denise Hiscocks

God has blessed these little boys with your family!

Shelly Elkington

I'm so excited for you as you take on this great challenge full of amazing joys and double the love!

Delores Meerdink

We love you all!

Steve and Vicki Norman

So very happy for your family ! Congratulations !

Peg Miller

So happy for you! And what a challenge. You are all in my prayers.

Elizabeth Doty

Wishing you a lifetime of fun, joy and learning - an OLD Bexley friend of Gramma's. Betsy Brust Doty

Erika Uthe

We are so thrilled for you and holding you all in prayer!!

Amy Rongstad

We are so happy for you all! Blessings for 2 sweet little boys who will be so loved!

Susan Meerdink

We are soooooo happy to have two new additions to the family!!! I cannot wait to meet them! :)

Anna VanRavenswaay

Rachel Wilson

God's blessings to your family!

Amy Maurer

Congratulations to your family. That’s wonderful!

Lynn Ullrich

Erin Lippert

So exciting for your family!! Hugs!

Matt and Tara Abraham

The little boys are lucky to have you guys! Your family will be in our prayers. We wish you the best and hope everything goes smoothly and you have your two little ones home with you soon!!

Alan & Anna Banks

We are so happy and excited for your family! All our love and prayers.

David & Sara Croymans

Best wishes as you welcome your boys into your family! Any names yet?4300

Christina Anderson


Barbara Cullerton

These little boys are so lucky to have landed in your loving family! Look forward to seeing your grand adventure as your family grows. Muffy & Richard

David & Neva Beech

Marilyn Larsen


Elizabeth Hampton

We are so excited for you!! Beth and Dan

Katelyn Hartman

Collin & Jenna Stephenson

Gina Greene

praying for peace, patience, and sleep as you bring home your boys.

Janet Boyens

Congratulations and thanks for blessing these boys!

Amy Humphrey

So exciting...congratulations

Mary McKinney

Grant Hanson

Joan Browns

Blessings Jennifer and family.

Bruce Jolivette

Sharon and Gary Carstensen

Enjoy discovering the fun of raising little boys!

Ryan Paetzold

Congratulations and blessings to your family! -Ryan

Emily Laible

Jessica Daum

Willie, a post from our 20/30s Facebook group led me to peek around on your Facebook page and find out more about your twin boys. Me and my husband are parents to twin boys (18 months old now), and it is so hard. Beautiful, but hard. I want to do this very small thing to help you in the midst of all you and your family face right now. From our family to yours! If you ever need support as twin parents, please reach out.