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Domestic Adoption

Hello, friend. While it might seem strange to say, you have been on our hearts for a long time and we have been praying for you even before you clicked on this page today. Since making the decision to step into adoption, we have been praying for every woman who might find themselves here- trying to make an impossibly hard choice for themselves and their child. We have been praying for peace that surpasses understanding. For you to be surrounded by comfort and love. For you to know you are a woman of worth and value in this world. While we can't imagine all you may be experiencing right now, we know one thing is true- it takes courage to wrestle with a question this big and we admire you for that. We have decided to walk this road of adoption after having 3 biological children and we want you to know that we do not do so lightly. We love being parents and we consider it an honor and a privilege that someone might trust us to love their child. We know there are hard things that come with adoption and we also know there is good that coexists in that space. We are here for it all, friend, and for you, too. Thank you for letting us come alongside you in this journey, whatever it may look like from here on out. And may you know how deeply you are loved.   - Mike and Leila

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