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Domestic Adoption


Dear Expectant Mother, 

I write to you with my deepest respect. As we all navigate this thing, we call life, we must make many decisions. One tough decision can be adoption which I can sympathize with as well as understand that this decision brings forward many emotions and feelings. Some thoughts/emotions may be positive, and some may be negative as the birthmother. 

Patty and I (Martin) met each other at Hughson High School in California through Track and Field. We even went to prom together in my junior year and Patty’s senior year. High school sweethearts in a way though the reason I say this is because Patty went on to college the next year and I still had senior year to complete. Also, even though we attended the same college we did not start dating until our senior year. Patty majored in Child development and has been in this area of work since then. While I majored in Business Administration which a focus on Management which has been my focus of work. After college we were engaged and were shortly married in a beautiful wedding in 2012 and called Turlock, CA home.

I was offered an opportunity to move to the Charlotte, NC area for work and took it in 2017. We have lived in Rock Hill, SC (30 minutes South of Charlotte, NC) since 2017 and honestly believe we made the right decision. We have been blessed with great friends in the area to help support our move across the country. Additionally, we love everything about the area as it aligns with many of our needs for a place to call home. Those include places to visit, outdoor activities (we both enjoy fishing, running, hiking, sports clays shooting, and mountain biking), entertainment (huge football fans and do not miss a Clemson University game), church, and last but not least the people we are surrounded by.  We have learned that South Carolina is a great place to raise a family as we observe other families, we surround ourselves with.  People are still truly caring of their neighbors in this area.

Moving on to how we started the adoption journey, is starting a family of our own because we unfortunately were not blessed with the possibility to have our own.  After years of trying, determined to see an infertility doctor and even IVF was not successful.  We explored other options, and we truly believe adoption is the right path for us.  We are both looking forward to this wish coming true though will let God let us know when the time is right for this to be realized. 

In closing, know that many families are praying for this opportunity, however, know that you as the birthmother will make the best decision that is right for you and your child. Also, know that each family will support that decision, which is what is most important.


Martin & Patty Ramos

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