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Domestic Adoption

You have, no doubt, a difficult choice before you, and we are so grateful that you are considering us as an option. We don’t know you yet, but we would like to get to know you. Let us tell you about our family. We are currently three; Liam (dad), Kensi (mom), Novalee (princess).
We have always wanted a full family, but pregnancy with Nova was very difficult. Kensi’s mother, two younger sisters, and grandmother were all adopted. We have seen beauty unfold through adoption. We knew right away that we were called to adopt our baby. It was an easy decision, really, because we know how easy it is to love a child that didn’t come from our own bodies. We are over the moon excited to take this journey. We believe that sometimes, oftentimes, love costs the one who loves greatly, but love always has the best interest of another at heart. We decided that if there are mothers who are brave enough to yield their baby to another for the sake of the baby, then we could be brave enough to be a part of that love. We are tremendously excited to share our lives with another child.
 We are very involved in our church and close to our small group. We often are with them playing board games, roasting s’mores, or playing with our kids together. We love to go hiking, camping, anything outdoorsy, traveling, eating and making good food, and spending time together as a family. We are the parents who will love our children first and foremost, no matter what. We are the parents that will be at every game or event cheering our child on embarrassingly loud. We promise, as potential parents for your baby, to:

-Teach them about the love of Jesus. 

-Spend quality family time together.

-Guide and correct them as they grow. 

-Teach that there are consequences for our actions (both positive and negative). 

-Lead by example by showing them how to be kind, love others, and serve.

-Embrace their heritage and learn about it together. 

-Always ensure they feel wanted, loved, secure, valued, and needed. 

-To teach them that we (Liam and Kensi) and you (mom reading this) love them so much that we created this relationship centered around them. 

We know this is a difficult spot for you. We wish we could be there with you now and hugging you through this decision. If you decide to choose us, our first response will be praying and thanking the Lord for you. Your bravery and sacrifice will be appreciated and honored here. We promise to give everything we have to raise loving humans. We promise to keep educating ourselves to be the best parents. Most of all, we promise to love your baby with our entire heart for all of our lives. Thank-you for considering the Terry family. 

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