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Domestic Adoption

Dear Birthmother, Thank you for considering adoption as you make a plan for your baby. We cannot begin to understand all of the emotions that you have experienced and continue to experience as you make this decision. Although we don't know your name or the path you have traveled to get to this point, we have been praying that you will find peace as you make plans for both your future and the future of your child. To us, you are courageous and should we be part of your plan, be assured that your child will know what a superhero you are in our lives. We know that you love your child and want only what is best for him or her (or them!). We thank you for the opportunity to give you an idea of our life through these pages. We love each other deeply and can't wait to share that love with another child. We are James and Kate, and we have lived near the coast of South Carolina for sixteen years. James is forty-one and Kate is forty.  We were born and raised in the same hometown, but did not meet each other until late in high school. We dated throughout college and have been married for seventeen years. Our adoption journey began when it became clear that carrying a pregnancy could potentially be dangerous for both Kate and a baby. We are so blessed to have been chosen to parent our son Barnes who was born in 2014. He is now a bright, adventurous, active second grader and brings unmeasurable joy to our family.  We have spent a lot of time praying and thinking about another adoption and it feels right for our family. We are a couple with great faith in God. We both grew up in homes where faith was important, and our parents modeled unconditional love and moral integrity. James is a minister in a Protestant church and works primarily with church youth. Kate does not work in the ministry, but personal faith plays an important role in her job as a social worker at a local hospital working primarily with adults with life limiting illnesses. For us, family is a priority. It is important that we do our jobs well, but that is secondary to caring for each other and our household. We share with each other joys and challenges from our days.  We value shared time off and make sure we always set aside free time in our calendars for each other. Our families of origin live about two hours away in the same town, and we talk and visit often, as well as enjoy holidays together. It is important to us to be nearby to help care for our parents should they need it in the future.  We have friends and coworkers who loved and cared for us through our first adoption journey and are so excited for us as we embark on this journey. Love, Kate & James

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