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Domestic Adoption

Dear Expectant Mother,

Hello, we want to thank you for considering us as part of your adoption journey.  We admire you for your courage and pray for peace over your decision for you and your baby.  We are so excited to be adopting and bringing a child into our family!  Please know that we will accept you as part of our family, but will value your choices and what is best for your baby regarding openness.  We hope that you find the perfect family for your baby!

We are Nathan and Khloe and we live in a small town in Missouri.  Our lives are surrounded with family, friends and faith.  Our families are all excited for the opportunity to have a tiny person’s giggles to join in.  Our family is very supportive and open to a baby of any race and is excited to learn new traditions that the baby will bring to our family!

We own a small business that keeps Nathan busy while Khloe works as an art teacher at our local public school.  We love our jobs, but we love the dream of becoming parents more.  Our flexibility in our jobs will allow us to always put our child first.

We have two dogs named Minnie, a Schnauzer, and Barney, a Goldendoodle.  They go with us everywhere and love to greet new people.  They join us on many of our adventures!  We love to travel far and wide to experience new things, but are always ready to come back home to our simpler pace.

Khloe loves to play the piano or guitar but is often found enjoying our backyard.  Nathan loves airplanes, house projects and being busy.  No matter what we’re doing, we love being together, there’s no place we’d rather be.

In December 2012, we were married and have had many adventures since!  Our infertility has been a long and stressful journey but has only brought us closer together.  Our patience has been made stronger, our conversations deeper and we are so very thankful for the partnership we have in one another.  We know that God has turned our hearts to adoption and we are so excited to grow our family in this way!

Thank you for looking at our profile book.  We are praying that you find the perfect match for your baby!

-Nathan and Khloe

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