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Domestic Adoption

We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know more about us as individuals and as a family. As you learn more about us and see photos from our lives, we hope you can see the genuine love we have to give.

In 2013, our paths crossed on our college campus. After joining the same intramural basketball team, we spent more and more time together and eventually started dating. We dated for two years, and then, Ashton proposed in January of 2015. In June of that same year, we married in front of 300 of our friends and family. We bought our first house in 2019 and have loved making it into a home. In 2021, Ashton surprised Taylor by bringing home a puppy. We named him Monoroe. We love him so much, and he's a special part of our family. Here we are in 2024, a year that will hopefully allow us to grow our family by welcoming a baby. We are continuously learning about adoption from as many perspectives as we can, and look forward to meeting our adopted child and helping them establish a true and positive identity.

The values we hope to share with a child are rooted in humility and community. Those two things will help our child grow into adults who contribute meaningfully to society, see people as worthy despite their circumstances, and encourage others to achieve their potential as we hope to do with them as they grow up. We value hard work, integrity, critical thinking, and the truth that things in this life are worth having are often not the most convenient or easy. Our child will receive equal parts accountability and grace. We hope they will also be able to extend those two things to others as they grow up. We also value rest and fun, and strive every day to be physically and emotionally healthy individuals.

Thank you for wading through the difficult parts of this season in your life. We know you are strong and full of courage - even if it doesn't always feel that way. We hope your child grows into a strong and courageous person, too. In the time you spend learning about us please know that we are praying for the best things for you and your child. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

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