Loving Selah

Our family has been serving in the ministry for over 25 years, and we are now serving God and Country in Kodiak, Alaska as a Navy chaplain family. God has blessed our family with five beautiful children throughout our 28 years of marriage. Our two oldest children are married now with children of their own, our third child is in her first year of Christian college, and we have our last two children at home. We have had a longing to have more children, and had been considering adoption. With our constant moves every few years and dealing with deployments, it seemed that God was indicating that it was not time yet. About one year ago, God impressed upon us that it was time. We began looking at different Christian adoption sites online and found Nightlight Christian Adoptions in Kentucky. We began to pray about a child and looking through the waiting children on Adoption Bridge. We had narrowed our choices down to 3 children, but God kept bringing us back to one specific child. As we continued to pray and read the Bible, God continued to show us special portions of Scripture with a word that would follow that Scripture. It was the word "Selah." It meant that something important and special was just mentioned and needed to be meditated upon again, and considered again, and not passed by so quickly at first glance. The little girl we had been considering in prayer had had many people look at her page, but after reading about her special needs, had passed her by. We couldn't get her off of our minds and hearts. I (Chad) thought to myself, "I have been in combat zones, willing to serve our military members as a chaplain, willing to risk my life in defense of our country." Then I thought, "I wonder if anybody has ever been willing to sacrifice and fight for this little girl with so many needs. We made up our minds that we will be that family to fight for her. We will do whatever it takes to adopt her, so we can love her and provide for her needs." We ran into many obstacles at first. We were told she had been removed from the list because she had been waiting so long. We had difficulties getting her approved for medical clearances for our military assignment location. But God!!! He worked it all out through prayer and now we are in the process of adopting our precious new daughter. Please pray for us and consider helping us out financially in our adoption journey to bring Selah Faith home soon.

Gervacios Plus One

Since the beginning of our marriage, adoption had always been a desire tucked away in the back of our minds. While we didn’t know the timing or place, it was always coming up in conversations or in plans for the future. In late August and early September, we began researching the different options available for us as a family. We have seen beautiful stories of adoption that have taken years and years to unfold, so we decided that we would go in with no expectations, trusting that the Lord would open the doors in His time. After the meeting, we were anxious to research even more.

In November, we received an email about an update on the “Waiting Children” List. This process is slightly different from the normal adoption process because these children are approved by the government for adoption and simply waiting on their forever family. Long story short, when we looked at the list of children from this specific country, we fell in love with a little boy with the same eyes and smile as our 9 month old son.

Just out of curiosity, we sent an inquiry and received additional information on him for the next few weeks. This healthy and smily boy the same age as our son had been found abandoned when he was one day old. Of course our first response was to jump on a plane and go get this sweet little one. However, we slowed down, talked, prayed, and waited.

Not wanting to act on emotion was a big thing for us. This is a child’s life–not something that we wanted to take lightly. The timeline that we had in our head was formed from watching others walk through this process. We have seen others wait 2-3 years or more for their little one to come home. Hearing that our timeline was going to move a little more quickly was shocking, but the Lord continues to call us to trust Him. We asked questions, prayed, waited, and asked more questions. Finally, right before Christmas we were officially “Matched” with this little one and started the process to bring him home!

The two of us desire to give this boy a forever family–a Mommy, Daddy, and brother–that will love him unconditionally. We desire for this little one to know that he is made in the image of God–that he is so much more than an orphan. But most importantly, we desire for this little boy to ultimately be adopted by his Heavenly Father, to become his disciple, and reach others for Him.

So, we covet your prayers during this time. We are not expecting this to be easy–in fact we are expecting it to be an emotional roller coaster. We covet your prayers spiritually, mentally, and financially–that we will continue to trust the Lord and hold fast to His promises.