summer tour 2015

Summer Host Kids

The primary humanitarian effort of Every Child Has a Name is support of orphan host tours.  We had our start as Detsky Dom Partners, which in Russian means "Children's Home Partners."  ECHAN has supported over twenty orphan tours with children from Eastern Europe to the US.  These kids spend a few weeks with host families and during that time often find a forever family.

2015 Host Program
Ukraine. December 18, 2015 - January 2, 2016.

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The host program raises awareness about the needs of orphaned children, and while allowing them to experience the love of a host family. Another added benefit of the tour is the cross-cultural experience that the children and the host families gain, and the goodwill created between the two countries.  To see past videos of the tour performances, and learn more about the concept, see contact us.

ECHAN has sponsored and welcomed over five hundred children during our nineteen years of orphan tours.  These children have come from Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Taiwan.  This summer we are bringing children from Kyrgyzstan and China.  Orphan tours remain the most effective means of finding loving parents for waiting children. Please also let us know if you have a church or venue where the kids can perform.  Contact Rhonda for more information about hosting.