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Family has always held a special place in my heart and life. As a young child, I was adopted by my single mother and through this I have a forever family whom I love dearly, and who dearly loves me!

As I grew older, many hard and unique paths shaped my way as I became a caring adult who has a passion for children. I began studying in the field of Early Childhood Education and recently graduated with a p3 degree. Wanting to give back, I became a foster mom. I have sheltered, clothed, fed, and loved unconditionally six children who I knew were not my own, but who needed a mother and a place to call home. Every goodbye was hard, and my heart broke after each placement ended. When talking about the foster system and the heartbreak and loss that comes with it, a friend told me, “Mandi, this is [E’s] story, not yours, you are just lucky enough to be a part of her story.” This advice from her touched my heart and paved the way in continuing my journey to create a forever story that I could title, Our Story. Each child holds a forever place in my heart, and I pray they are taken care of! I learned different things from each child who entered my home and most importantly, I learned to love and cherish life and family.

I decided to inquire about the India adoption program through Nightlight Christian Adoptions, formerly known as Love Basket, which was the agency I was adopted through. After completing numerous amounts of paperwork, and many sets of safety and background clearances, I am happy to say I have successfully accepted a referral.

I will be welcoming my daughter Seema Ellen home from India in 6-9 months from now!

So far, I have been immensely blessed with having the required savings amounts for the program. Unfortunately, finances are getting lower and while I trust God to provide, help from donations are greatly appreciated!

I appreciate the thoughts, prayers and financial help and can’t wait for you to meet her.

You are part of Our हमेशा के लिए Story, and I am so thankful for that.

All my love, Mandi

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