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We are Steven and Rhoda. Just to let you know a little more about us, we live on a quiet country lane in a small town. Steven owns his own business,and I work a full time job at Wilderness Road Guesthouses.  We like to be outdoors, go to the lake, and visit with friends. We love our home, and take good care of it and our surroundings. We like to garden and preserve food from the garden, and would enjoy teaching that to a new generation. We are fun loving, like to play games and love to go to lots of community events. We have a large group of friends that we love going places with. Some of them have small children and we enjoy anytime we get to be with them. We are so excited to have a little one of our own to love.

After several years of marriage, we started to think we might like to start a family. After many months of trying and consulting with doctors, we were told that we might only have a 10% chance of conceiving a baby and that would be with taking a lot of medications. Even after going through that, we have not been able to conceive .We began to feel like it was hopeless, and I will admit that I had second thoughts about adopting. I didn't know if my heart could take more disappointment if that didn't work out for us either. Steven has always known that he would want to do anything necessary to have a child. but I think that I was too afraid, and wanted to close myself off to the possibility to keep from getting my hopes up. Steven only wanted to pursue adoption if I was sure. I really didn't think that I would ever want to risk it, but one day I just started having these overwhelming feelings that we are meant to have a child to love and complete our family. I've realized that a big part of our family is missing and now we are open to beginning this journey together. We have prayed along with family and friends, and we know that God has a plan for us, and that when it is the right time, He will send us the baby we are meant to have. We are trusting in him totally. Here we are, now married for almost fifteen years and excited to see how God unfolds our journey we are on.


Steven and Rhoda


Tiffany Kincaid

Rhonda Dodson

Praying for you guys ! You will be the best parents ! Love and hugs for both of you!

Wendy Howard

Love you and your precious family!!!

Douglas Thornburg

I’m blessed to call you my friends and I know your prayers will be answered soon!! The little one that enters your home will be blessed to have you!

Barbara Beachy

Praying for Blessings and Strength and the Lords Will and Guidance in your Journey! You are an answer to someone’s prayers, stay strong♥️

Vanessa Welty

So happy for you all!

John Learned

Raising children is hard, but very rewarding.

Carla Hankla

You guys are going to be great parents! I know you will be wonderful parents and cannot wait to meet the next member of your family.

Shelley Tucker

Suzanne Stafford

Love you Rhoda!!! You will make an amazing mom!!!

Joyce Cooper

I'm so happy and so excited for you. You will be amazing parents!

Marty Amick


Amanda Foster

We can’t WAIT to welcome a new member to the family!!! Love you guys!!