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Dianna and Jeremy are the epitome of opposites attracting. Different family backgrounds, interests, and personalities collided when they came together. Now, after 10 years of marriage, they want to share the overflow of love which ties them together with a child. 

Dianna and Jeremy have experienced the adoptive love of God in a real and personal way since being adopted by Him as His children. Dianna and Jeremy chose not to have children the "normal" way. They have both been advocates and supporters of orphans in the past, so they chose to take the next step by sharing their love and family with a child who has none, just as God has done by giving them a heavenly family.

There are countless children in the world who are in need of a home, and Dianna and Jeremy want to provide that home to one of those children (or two if they are siblings), but first they needed to narrow the search. As first time adoptive parents, they researched and prayed about the right place to look for their future child. This search lead them to China. Adoption from anywhere is costly, and there is very little help to be found for those expenses. After living frugally, sacrificing many things they wanted, and saving as much as possible, they always knew that they would have to rely, at least in part, on the generousity of their family and friends to make bringing home a child a reality. 

Please join them in fundraising (since they also are continuing to set aside money) and praying for their unknown, future child who, for now, is known simply as Little Bear.

  1. We are so grateful for our friends and family who have donated so far. This last week was rather emotional as we continue to pray for our "Little Bear." We know that we will get the call in God's timing.

  2. Our adoption fundraiser is LIVE! We are so grateful for any donations and prayers that our friends and family provides as we continue to wait for "Little Bear."

Bryan and Amanda Oates

Hope this small donation helps.

Gwenyth Anderson

Praying for you both!

Josh Palmer

We're so excited to send a little help towards your adoption path. You two will be fantastic parents. God has something amazing planned for you!

Goswin van Laer

Andy, Michele, Drew and Andre Newton

Enjoy your journey and enjoy your little one. We hope your adoption is as blessed as ours was.

John Hatfield

Praying for your family