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Leah Falsetto

Love you guys <333333. There will be more don't worry.

Emma Bailey

Thank you for sharing your story and being so faithful to the Lord's leading. I know he will continue using the intricacies of your story-- highs and lows-- to continue advancing the Kingdom beyond expectation and I'm so inspired and grateful for how he's already begun using ya'll to do so.

Jayla Voget

Thankful to be apart of your continued adoption story!

Kyle H

Inspired by your faithfulness to the Lord, and the passion in your hearts! Prayers and Blessings!



I'm so excited for you guys! I hope this helps! So happy you guys trusted in God!

Courtni Meyers

So excited for you guys!!

mindy kiepke

So excited for you all as your new family is brought together. love and support you both!!

Justine Stump

We are praying for you as you start this new journey in your life. You will be wonderful parents!! Ron and Justine


So proud of you two <3

Carrie Manabat

Praying for you guys and your sweet little girl!

Garrett Cichowitz

Merry Christmas (I’m also doing a fun gift without Christy)

Brian Cichowitz

We love you and are so proud of you!!

Ashlee Bratton

I am rooting for you both as you have chosen to continue this adoption journey and walk with broken hearts into the next thing God has for you. I know God has a wonderful child for you in your future! Go get her.