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Hey there! We are Jim and Alaina Thompson! We have been married for 5 years and have decided it is time to start growing our family. When we got married, we were living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex but knew that we wanted to place our roots somewhere quiet and peaceful with a little bit of country living. God seemed to have this already planned out as Alaina got a teaching/ coaching job in the little bitty town of Eastland, Texas - so we packed up and headed out west! We love our tight-knit community, our beautiful home, and our newfound lifestyle of starting our own little farm. Shortly after our one year anniversary, we decided that we wanted to start building our family. We have experienced 4 years of infertility - and while it wasn't exactly in "our plan" - we knew that God had something better in mind for us. Through the trials and tribulations that infertility can bring - we have grown so much stronger together as a couple and as Christians in our faith and we know we are blessed in every possible way. Adoption has always been on our hearts - we would talk about pursuing adoption (while we were still dating) regardless if we were able to conceive children of our own or not. It just happened to present itself a lot sooner than we planned but we are so very excited! Our adoption will cost us around $30,000  - as part of the process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign through AdoptionBridge to help. We are so very humbled and honored for all of your support! In addition to donations and well wishes, we ask that you would please pray for us that God would make his will abundantly clear for our journey. We also ask that you would please pray for our future birth mother as she goes through this journey as well. We are so excited to share our story with you and we are so blessed that you will be a part of it as well! - Jim and Alaina

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Lisa Falcon

Love You Both!!!


So happy for y’all and I know you will be a great mom, Coach T!????

William Stephens

What a journey, God has a plan! Trust in him and each other, always ^_^ be blessed, both of you. Jesus loves you! -Will.

Paula Porter

Alvarez Family

Congratulations! This is awesome news coach T!! You are a great influence on many of us students. I can’t even imagine how great a mom you will make!

Amanda Taylor-Kellis

Alaina you are one of the most kind and genuine people I have ever had the honor of calling my friend. You're going to be an amazing mother. Your child will be so blessed to have the two of you. All the love in the world- Amanda

Whitney Grant

Hello beautiful friends! You both are amazing and I’m so excited to see what God will do in your lives as parents!!! :)

Kelly Burnett

We are so excited for you and your desire to adopt. We pray all God’d blessings on the two of you in the days ahead. Love and prayers, JT and Kelly Burnett

Linda Blount

Y’all will be the best parents!!! Love ya!

James Thompson

James Thompson

Alaina Thompson

from Alex Mendoza!!! Thank you so much dear sweet friend - we love you!

Lauren Hatton

So excited to follow along with you both on this journey! We love ya'll, and know that you will be the best parents!