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Embryo adoption, here we come!

We met in 2014 when Marsha's mom's hairdresser's fiance had a friend from the VFW... *smiles*  And the rest is our history!  We had a joyful wedding on January 13, 2018, walking down the aisle as husband and wife to the Peanut's tune “Linus and Lucy”; walking unknowingly into a future of infertility, heartbreak, and loss, but with God's grace, we've found joy and reasons to laugh and hope.

We've always wanted a big family!  From early on, we considered adopting or fostering a possibility; that was before an infertility diagnosis confirmed those were our only options to grow our family.  We didn't yet know about embryo adoption, yet here we are!  We are adopting Snowflakes embryos through Nightlight Christian Adoptions, and are so excited about this possibility!!  Genetically, our children will be someone else's, created during their IVF cycle, but Marsha gets to be our own surrogate!  (For a fun book about this, check out Ready-made Sweetie: All mixed up.)

As with any adoption, there are costs!  Though embryo adoption is one of the cheaper options, we do have an agency adoption fee ($9k) as well as clinic costs for the medical side of this type of adoption (estimated $4-13k).  If you are able to help contribute, we are so very grateful, for every dollar!  Even a $5 or $10 gift brings us closer to our goal.  Donations made through this site are Tax-Deductible and go straight to the adoption agency against our fee!

We all know how much Americans want to thank a veteran for serving our country. This is a very tangible way of doing that! John is a disabled vet on a fixed income, and yet we're still moving forward in faith that we can make this adoption a reality!

But even if you can't afford to help us financially, we are so grateful for your prayers!

  1. We've been matched! We are so excited about the family of 7 embryos we will be adopting, and we are so grateful for your prayers and love and support! At this point, we just need $2,800 to pay the balance of our 9k adoption fee, and we start on the adoption contract, they'll ship our embryos, and then we'll have a frozen embryo transfer and hopefully get a positive pregnancy test!

Emily Shaw

Love you guys!!

Mary & Frank Fields

What a long, difficult road but you will get there. Love y'all and God Bless!

Allyson Waldrop

praying for your little miracle! God bless you. James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Ruth Kapely

Vicki Walker

We are all so excited for you, and we can't wait to see how this blessing unfolds! Sending prayers, hugs, and lots of love!

Darcy Reinagel

God bless you!❤️

Shea Clarke

Prayers for you as you go through this journey.

Bart Milleson

In prayer with you along your journey of new birth

Aaron and Ebony

Happy Birthday sister dear

Emma Sherrill

Marsha, hope this small gift in honor of your birthday helps your get closer to your total.