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In the midst of these strange and difficult times of a global pandemic, God has given us the sweet blessing of pursuing domestic adoption! While we have desired to adopt since the time we got married, our adoption process officially started with a match that launched us into the process earlier this summer. That first match sadly fell through, but we are grateful that it started us on this journey and we look forward to meeting the little one (and his or her mother) that God has for us.

Our adoption into God’s forever family—made possible by Christ—propels us to adopt this precious child into our forever family, and with God’s help we commit to joyfully loving and sacrificing for him or her the rest of our lives. We can hardly wait to have a child in our arms. We are also incredibly humbled and proud of the strong, brave and beautiful mother who is choosing life for her child and allowing us to parent her son or daughter. Please keep her in your prayers as she makes this difficult decision and sacrifice.

We have been working hard to prepare our hearts and our home for adoption--each step is quite involved! In short, our adoption agency, Night Light, is ensuring our readiness to become adoptive parents and also walking alongside expectant mothers through their process. As for our part, we are nearing the completion of our initial paperwork, interviews, and home inspection. When the time comes, the birth mother we get matched with will receive prenatal and postnatal care including counseling, nutrition and medical care from her team. There could be travel expenses if the baby is born out of state and following birth we may need legal assistance in finalizing the adoption. All of this comes at a large cost to us ($35,000-$40,000).

So far, in order to raise the necessary funds, we are applying for grants, having yard sales, reconfiguring our budget, as well as looking into other fundraising options. We don't know how long we will have to raise these funds, but we want to be ready as soon as possible! No matter the timing, we wanted to invite to you be part of bringing this little one home. We recognize that this is only the beginning of raising our child to adulthood and that we will need our Family, the Church, to support and carry us through. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving and keeping us in your prayers. We can hardly wait to introduce you to our newest addition! 

Love, Daniel & Lily

Megan Negrete

We're praying for you and so excited for this sweet baby!

Donna Thoennes

Eri Kobayashi

Congratulations! So happy for you two and everyone in your extended family. I wish I had been able to do the same decades ago, but this isn’t for everyone; I’m sure you are chosen to do so. Abundant blessings to you and your little one!

Mariah Hierholzer

Congratulations!! We are so excited for you as you start this new adventure into parenthood! We will be praying for you all! All our love and prayers, Mariah, Brandon and Riley


I don’t know you but I hope this helps and may the Lord bless you and your family!

Nathaniel and Ruth McDonald

Patricia Stanbery

Jennifer Hochadel

Praying for your family Lily and Daniel.

Karen Mitchell

The Lord bless you. You will be great parents. I am blessed to be a small part of this. I will bring some items soon for your garage sale. Love, Karen

Tim and Allison Howell

Excited for you to bring baby home!

Donna D'Amico

We are sooooo very excited for you! Congratulations!

Carol Chiofalo

The longest journey starts with a single step. Mick and I hope this brings you a step closer.

Carmen Herrera-Williams

Oh friends! Sooooo happy for you, praying for all this to go smoothly and that baby will bebin your arms soon. Praying also for birth mama to be supported and cared for well in this time. Much love, Los Williams

Jessica Slegers

Cynthia Baeder

We love you and think this is so rad!

Jill Hayes

Roby and I are so happy for you! May the Lord provide abundantly for you every step of the way during this waiting and preparation time.

Darlene Slegers

Congratulations 🎉

Andrew & Shannon Pitman

Rebecca Perez

So proud of you, Lily!!! (And Daniel, of course!) I'm excited for this opportunity for you both. May God bless this beautiful endeavor as you further His kingdom!!

Leny Rolle

Laura Austin

We are so excited to meet your precious son!

Kendall and Lydia Wampler

Praying for you both!

Christine Jung

God bless your parenting journey! We are excited to see you follow His leading in patience and love - in His timing may He provide all the opportunities you need.

Daniel Newkirk

We are looking forward to meeting the little one. Love, Mom and Dad

Charlotte and Travis

We love you!