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In December of 2020, God placed it on our hearts to adopt. That is the VERY short story. 

When we really decided to start trying to have a baby, it didn’t go as planned. After a few years, and regular disappointments, we decided to see a fertility specialist, and get to the bottom of things. The specialist in Dallas we saw was a gentle man, but lacked the forthrightness we were looking for. When he said, “Let’s get you pregnant.” we had such high hopes, but not a true sense of what was really going on below the surface. Turned out, getting us pregnant would be much more complicated than a simple procedure and a wave of kind doctor hands. Much more complicated.    

They discovered a variety of issues, which led to appointments with a surgeon, which led to surgery to correct those, which led to waking up without my Fallopian tubes. Yeah, it was a really hard season. That led to a difficult recovery (emotionally and physically). The reality that we could not get pregnant on our own was hard enough, but then we were told that even IUI or IVF was going to be super hard on my body, and there were no guarantees I could see a baby to term. We just didn’t know what to do next.

So, we prayed and waited.

We are extremely excited about the opportunity. So, here we are!  We have spent the last year plus growing in our understanding of the adoption process, sitting with others who have adopted and with people who have been adopted. We have listened to stories of families who have made adoption plans for their child, and it has been through those moments and stories that God has prepared us for this day. 

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