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  We have been married for 14-years and on our fertility journey for over ten. During those years we have undergone numerous test with fertility clinics and experienced eleven miscarriages. But our desire to become parents has not diminished. God has continued to provide us with love from our community, grace to support one another, and a desire to keep pursuing the family He has for us. 

  With our latest results, our hearts have turned to adoption and we would love to have your support on this new journey. We will be pursuing a unique form of adoption called snowflake adoption. A snowflake is a frozen embryo, which another couple fertilized through IVF in the hope of using for their own pregnancy. When these couples are done growing their family, they may have embryos left over which they can then choose to dump, continue to freeze, or donate. The embryo we will adopt has been frozen and waiting for us. What makes this style of adoption even more special is that Sarah will get the opportunity to carry our baby through pregnancy and delivery. 

We will add one note about the science. If for whatever reason your beliefs about IVF do not align with our choice to adopt this way, that is fine. We believe that, whether naturally in the womb or through science in the laboratory, it is always God who sparks life. This is not a space to argue your points for or against embryo adoption. But if you want to learn more about the process and why so many families are choosing to pursue it you can explore the research at NightLight Adoptions.

  We could not be more excited for this new season and want to start the process as soon as possible with your help. We are hoping to raise $20,000 to see this adoption come to fruition. That amount includes our application fees, home study, transportation of our embryo, legal fees, and IVF treatments. We would love your prayers most of all in this season. Many of you have walked with us through seasons of grief and loss for the last ten years and we are so grateful for your love and grace as we have grown. Pray that God's joy will multiply in this season and that our child can be a light in this world.  

All our love, 
Sarah & Jeremy

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Moriah Montgomery

Love you both!! Will definitely be praying.