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Ty and I have been married for almost 8 years. We became a blended family upon marriage with Ty's three adopted sons. I was not without hope of being able to conceive. It was a miracle that God brought us together. A few years after marriage, we learned that it was not just one of us, but both that lead to our struggles with infertility. God has stirred within our hearts to adopt and grow our family.

We searched many different adoption agencies before we both felt comfortable with an agency. We ended up at Night Life Christian Adoptions when we were introduced to Snowflake embryo adoption. Every snowflake is uniquely created, just as every person is uniquely created by God and with a purpose. Embryo adoption allows Heather to experience pregnancy and give birth to our adopted child. We are honored to walk this path that God has laid out for our family.

We are using adoption bridge to assist with the finacial burden of freeing frozen embryos and giving them a chance at life. Each person that donates will have their name placed on the back of a uniquely designed puzzle to be framed and hung in the baby's room. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and for considering donating to our family.

Ty & Heather

  1. On Thursday we received an email from the adoption coordinator saying that we have a potential match. We spent the weekend thinking about the match and praying about this match. Today we agreed to the match we had been provided. There is still one more check-off before we can declare this as an official match. We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by the generous support that we have received during this process so far. And we continue to covet your prayers during this entire matching phase.

  2. Last evening we meet with the adoption coordinator to begin the matching process. We had to address different preferences, so that the matching team can begin to locate a donating family to send our profile to. We are so incredibly thankful and humbled by your generous support that we have received during this process so far. And we continue to covet your prayers during this next step.

Amy Miller

Praying for your journey!

Laura Discher

I'm so excited for you and your family. I will be praying for you all. I miss seeing you at United.

Dianna Youngpeter

Our family is praying for your family. Looking forward to many snuggles with your little ❄️ blessing ❤️ !

Diana Trautman

I am honored to be able to contribute to this! I am so happy & excited for you two. Much love to you both❤️

Rhonda Horn

Our prayers are with you on this journey!

Theresa Wood

I’m so proud of the person you have become! I wish you nothing but happiness. Love and prayers to you all💕

Kerry Lewis

My prayers are with you and your family.


Heather & Ty, Best wishes to you both! Love Aunt Betsy


So happy for you both, Love Aunt Audrey & Uncle Rick

Lindsay Griego

Praying for you on this journey!

Jennifer Paul

We are so happy for you both! ❤️Aunt Jennifer & Uncle Norman

DEW Good

Life is Gods gift and a joy to be part of His family. Many blessings for years to come.

Karson and Nancy Heubusch

Congrats to you both! Aunt Nancy and Uncle Karson

Thay Turso

I wish you only the best of luck and good health! This is a wonderful journey your family has decided to embark on, and it’s beautiful you want to invite a new life into the world. Whomever they become will be so loved by you and your amazing family.

Constance Wixon

I will send up prayers that it is successful & your dream comes true! God Bless your beautiful family!

Anthony Monteleone

Best of luck to you all through this process!!

Ron and Jennifer Walters

You’ve started on an exciting adventure. We’ll be praying for you.

Rachelle Wright

No one deserves this more than your family. Prayers and well wishes to you all!

Rhonda Wright

Congrats! We are so happy for you guys. Love you, Jim and Rhonda

Sarah Leising (Monteleone)

So excited for you both as you embark on this journey! You both are already amazing parents to the boys and of course your fur babies too. We’ll be thinking and praying for you all along the way.

Rosario Picardo

Katherine Huette

Love you!

Dianne Arazy

Heather and Ty, You both are in our thoughts and prayers, the love you share is amazing and hopefully the Time will happen to share with another! Lots of LOVE, grace and peace are in our prayers for you!

Cora Mason

Jennifer Vance

What an amazing experience! I can hardly wait to meet your new little one!

Marilyn Kasperek

Waiting is difficult, but worth it!


Joe & Jean Monteleone

We are so happy and excited for you! Best wishes on this new journey ahead of you! We love you!

Matt and Hannah Blandin

We are excited for you all!