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Ever since I was a tiny girl, I was very aware of something -- I was an only child.  While I had a wonderful childhood, there was always a keen awareness that I was missing out on the sibling experience.  By the time I was old enough to recognize what adoption was, there was a program in my town called "Waiting Child" which aired once a week, spotlighting children who were searching for families.  Every week I would rush to the television, turn up the volume, and make my case for why we should adopt whoever was being featured.  Each week the same answer came back.  "No, Celina."  It wasn't said with a harsh tone, but I was still crushed every time.  I had friends with siblings, and even better, friends with adopted siblings and knew the beauty that could come out of a family blended in this way. I was desparate to share in the bond that having a sibling brings.  Alas, I never got my sibling, but knew that as an adult, adoption would definitely be a part of my family story.  Years passed and many life experiences came and went, all without taking the step to adopt.  It wasn't the right time or situation yet.  Thankfully, it finally seems that it is our family's turn to have the opportunity to open our home to a child searching for a family.  We're searching too.  We would love for you to partner with us to help us make this lifelong dream a reality, but more important than that, to enable us to offer a home to a deserving young child searching for their forever family.  While I don't mind investing in the future of a child in need, this process hass taken a large financial toll on our family and we would appreciate any help you could provide to help ease the burden, even the smallest amount, as every big amount is made up of many smaller ones.  Every little bit helps.  As always, we love you lots and look forward to sharing with you how our journey unfolds.  It's been a long road, but there is a warm, bright light at the end and part of it is the love and support of friends and family like you.  Please partner with us and together we can help a child grow, rooted in love.


I'm praying for your family on this wonderful journey!

Ashton Cook


Love your heart!

Barbara Granahan

You girls will be a lovely, blessed family to join!

Barbara Granahan

You girls will be a lovely, blessed family to join!

Susan Whatley

We are honored to help you on this journey, and send out love and best wishes!

Martha Pangburn

So excited for you!

Shantel Roberson

Praise God for your heart. I ask him to continue guide your path to the child who has already been headed your way.

Annie for Dick and Joey Thomas

Love you guys!!! Can’t wait to see how your family grows!!

Jenni Shuman

We are so happy for you guys, we love your family and are excited for you to add to it! God has laid adoption on our hearts as well and we are happy to share in your journey ❤️

Lindee Johnson

Debbie Barrett

I have known this dear lady and her mom since she was a little girl . What a blessing she is with a big heart ❤️. Any child would be blessed by her and her girls .

Carrie Dalton

Nathan Ogan

Myrna Cantrell

Susanna Mushonga