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Thank you for taking time to read our story. We are John and Alisa Rachan. We have 2 children: Eliana who was adopted is 4 years old, and Ava is biological, and is 3 years old. We have always desired to have a large family and considered building it through biological means and through the ministry of adoption. However, when we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility early in our marriage, we decided to pursue adoption instead of extensive medical treatments. Eliana’s name means God has provided, and we truly feel that her life was an answer to our prayers. We have an open adoption with her birthmother and family, and we are blessed by this relationship. Ava was a surprise gift from the Lord as well, as we did not think that we could conceive. She was born about 6 months after Eliana. Her name means breath of life, and we are thankful for her life and for the friendship that our two daughters have with one another. They are truly best friends.

          We have been trying to grow our family for a few years now and are feeling led to pursue adoption once again, because of our unique story, and the joy that adoption has brought to us already. We are fully approved and are hoping to be matched soon. We desire to raise additional funds through AdoptionBridge to offset the substantial cost of adoption, travel and legal fees. Thank you for your prayers and considering donating to us! We are excited to meet the little one that God adds to our famiily. 


   John, Alisa, Eliana, and Ava Rachan

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Larry Stricker

You guys are awesome. Best wishes Merry Christmas. Do you adopt old people...ha

Paul Younglove

Philippians 4:19

Christa Hanson

Emily Smith

LuAnn Christensen

Praying on God's perfect timing.

Michael Goad

Patrick Hecker

Woohoo! Love yall :)

Brad Morin

You both are truly a picture of Christ Like Love! Hope this helps with the journey!

Hannah Kamarindo

We love you guys! 💕

Carrie and Eric Johnsen

Blessings to you and your growing family!

Matthew and Elizabeth Kee

We are excited and are praying for you guys!

Manny Rocha

Praying and loving from Az! Merry Christmas!

Robert Mills

Happy Birthday Alisa! Praying for this new addition to your family. God knows already and we can trust His plans!

Marci Morden

Love you and praying!

Abby Antolik

Your family is a blessing to so many. We love y’all. praying for this next journey of bringing another child into your family.

Luke Morris

Love you guys! Praying for this journey.

James & Cindy Lowe

Much love to your current and future family! May our LORD's grace and peace sustain and provide for you!


We love you and are praying!

Bo + Amanda Sisarica

Praying for this next adventure and trusting that the Giver of all good things has a beautiful plan for your family. Love you guys!

Luke Morris

We love you! (More money from time with the Roberts/Morris Cousin Crew)

Aaron and Maria Buchanan

Blessings to your family! Praying as you go through this process.

Rick and Brenda Walton