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Sometimes, God whispers. Sometimes, God has to YELL, because you didn't listen to his whispers before. It was a Tuesday morning after Bible Study and God had went ahead and poured fuel on the tiny litle fire that I had kept somewhat dim in my heart to adopt. But that morning I knew it. I knew he was talking to me, and this time it wasn't a whisper!

I called Cody shortly after, and in his tone, the one he uses when he's pretty sure I have lost my mind. He told me to go ahead and start looking. Twenty Minutes. That's about how long it took before he was receiving text messaged picture of Collins, and articles about Hydrocephalus. See, When I saw sweet Collins I knew something had to be done to help him, and I knew that we had the most wonderful support system in the world to help us save this boy!

We have recently finished our Homestudy, and have an appointment with immigration for biometrics. After that we will be able to schedule our first of two trips to Ghana. The first we will spend time with Collins, and the second we will be able to bring him home! After we get home we hope to have an appointment set up with a nuerologist to address his Hydrocephalus.

If you can help financially, we willl appreciate you forever. If you can only pray! We will appreciate that more than you will ever ever know! Prayer will be the best thing to get us through this!

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