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Our Adoption Story

Honestly, adoption was not on our minds when we exchanged vows back in 2012. Then infertility hit us like a ton of bricks. After seeking counsel, studying about adoption, and much prayer, we decided that adoption was the best way to grow our family in 2018. In October 2020, we had the amazing blessing of becoming parents with our adoption of Autumn Juliana at 12 months old. In case you’ve not met her, Autumn is as social as they come and we know it would bring much joy to our home for her to have a little brother or sister to grow up with, partly because she often tells us so!

Matched Again!

We went active again with our adoption agency in October 2021 and had several close calls, but were not chosen again and again, so we started to list with multiple agencies as we felt the urgency to adopt one last time before our age prompts us to call it quits. In March 2024, an expectant mom read our profile book with one of the new agencies and saw how our faith in Jesus Christ was a central part of our lives and parenting of Autumn, and gave us the privilege of choosing us to adopt her baby! I think we are still not fully grasping the reality of being chosen after all the “No’s” we’ve received. Since the mom isn’t due until this October, at least we have plenty of time to get ready to adopt our first newborn and our 2nd child!

How you can help?

First, we request your prayers for wisdom, endurance, and peace as we go through the emotional ups and downs that may come. Pray that our hope would be fixed on our eternal hope and not the success and ease of this adoption. Also, we ask that you pray for the expectant mom who is making this most difficult decision and our relationship with her over the next 6 months.

Secondly, this adoption’s cost ($55K-$60K), although not too different from the average domestic adoption cost nationally, will be much more expensive than our previous adoption, partly because of it being with a new agency and that this match is so early in the pregnancy. We hope to pay for the majority of remaining costs through different means, though we do need to raise funds to limit the sizable debt we could incur. Consequently, this page was set up to facilitate tax-deductible donations made to our adoption.  Adoption Bridge charges only 3% fees on donations, which is better than everywhere else that supports tax-deductible donations.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our personal email / phone or our joint adoption email account adamandarleneadopt@gmail.com

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Beth Inman

Praying with you.

Melinda Jones

I am so pleased for you and excited to share in your journey! I love you all.

Lori and Kevin Schneider

We are so happy for you! You are all in our prayers!

Trudy Capoccioni

We will be praying for this child. May God provide this child with a good Christian home with you two. Love you all. Uncle Rich and Aunt Trudy

Tyler & Michelle Cunningham

We love you guys!

Mary Kent

Sellwood Baptist Church

Kalindi Schneider

I’m so excited for you guys! 💜

Darrel & Faith Schneider

We are so happy for you and praying for God's protection and safe delivery of this little one to your sweet family.


Patrick Chiu

Tyler Ernst